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4 hangover hair remedies you need to know

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Last week saw the premiere of The Hangover Part III and naturally we couldn’t wait to see the stars walk the red carpet looking stunning (especially Heather Graham in that figure hugging black dress that showed off her super-amazing body). With all this talk of hangovers, it got us thinking about those mornings when we have woken up a little worse for wear (very occasionally, of course!) and how we battled the demon that is hangover hair.

As the alarm blares out and the memories of the night before come flooding back, it can all become a bit much as you think to yourself ‘it was only meant to be a quiet drink after work’. Stumbling out of bed way after the snooze function on the alarm has been fully utilised, you realise you are running stupidly late and that it’s now a mad rush to get ready. Then you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and your hair is not exactly looking at its best; sound familiar? Don’t let your hangover hair trip you up. Try these tips for hair that never gives the game away!

1 – Dry shampoo is your best friend

Running late and in the grip of a mighty hangover often equals skipping a hair wash but lank hair that smells of a stale pint will certainly draw attention to you as you enter the office, so be sure to give it a generous spray of dry shampoo. Hold the can at a distance and spray on to the roots then massage in with clean finger tips and style as desired for clean hair that smells delectable.

Top Tip: Brunettes often find that dry shampoo gives their hair a grey tinge, but there is a solution to this! Dry shampoo is available specifically for dark hair so you can keep your tresses looking dark, glossy and still grease-free.

2 – Get plaiting

Longer hair comes with the benefit of being able to sweep it up out of the way and a plait is a great way to disguise hangover hair because it’s neat and takes just a couple of minutes to achieve. You can either plait the front section of your hair or go for a full plait to the side for an instant fix that you can leave for the rest of the day.

3 – Accessorise

Sometimes, even with our best efforts, hangover hair is tricky to fully disguise. In this instance pulling back into a messy bun is often the quickest option, but it can give the game away if you usually arrive at work with immaculate tresses. For this reason, finishing with a headband gives a much more groomed appearance and helps to detract from the fact that your hair is unwashed.

Top Tip: This is the perfect remedy for short hair too! Grab a little wax for the ends and lock into place with an eye-catching headband for a professional look when hair is too short to tie back.

4 – Volume trickery

One of the biggest giveaways that hair is in need of a wash is when it lies flat to your head and appears lank as opposed to full of movement. Sometimes even with all the products promising volume, unwashed hair fails to get the movement that freshly washed hair can achieve, and this is where you need a bit of trickery in the form of a little backcombing and plenty of hair grips!  Gently back comb your hair at the roots and smooth out with a round brush, then pin the front section back with a little push forward before it’s secured to give height at the front, finishing with a good covering of hairspray.

So, if you’re off to see Hangover Part III this week and think you might head out for a drink after the film, make sure you have dry shampoo at the ready, a headband resting on your dressing table and plenty of hair grips to hand to banish hangover hair in just a few minutes!