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Are we in a 90s Hair Revival?

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We all know that fashion is recyclable, created in one decade and recreated in the next – and hair trends operate in the same way.

Right now, it seems that the most iconic hairstyles from the 90s are making a return. That’s right – the scrunchie, the high pony and the infamous ‘Rachel’ are coming back to a salon near you!

First worn by: Rachel Green, Friends (played by Jennifer Aniston)
Recently worn by: Rachel Stevens, S Club 7

the rachel
From one Rachel to another! S Club 7 hottie Rachel Stevens recently revived ‘the Rachel’, just in time for the 90s group’s reunion on this year’s Children In Need. Whilst old school Rachel kept her look bouncy and short, modern Rachel modernised the look by wearing it at length, with the same volume at the roots and slightly longer layers around the face.

First worn by: Actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Recently worn by: Songstress Pixie Lott

olsen twinspixie lott
America’s top twins Mary-Kate and Ashley heavily popularised the scrunchie, often coordinating the accessory with their vibrant attire. Current Strictly Come Dancing favourite Pixie Lott brought the scrunchie back to the spotlight, finishing off the popular half up-half down ‘do with this patterned hair accessory. Very cute for a casual outing between dance rehearsals!

First worn by: Actress Uma Thurman
Recently worn by: Actress Jennifer Lawrence

Known for her tough characters, such as Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace and Kill Bill’s The Bride, this sharp messy crop ‘do was the perfect style for Hollywood hit girl Uma Thurman. 2014’s toughest chick Jennifer Lawrence recently revived ‘the Uma’ just in time for the promotional campaign for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, updating the look with soft waves and a subtle twist, to hold back her bangs.

First worn by: Actor Johnny Depp
Recently worn by: Harry Styles, One Direction

jonny deppharry styles
90s favourite Johnny Depp had his adorable baby face somewhat matured by this gorgeous long-hair-and-trilby combination – just as Harry Styles’ face is matured by the same look. Whilst Johnny’s locks draw inspiration from the 90s grunge era, Harry revamps the look by cropping his locks slightly higher, and wearing his hat on the crown instead of the brow-bone, for a less formal look.

First worn by: Mel C (aka Sporty Spice, Spice Girls)
Recently worn by: Singer Ariana Grande

high pony tail
Sporty Spice was the pioneer of the high ponytail – coupling the style with a scrunchie no less! Current pop cutie Ariana Grande is also an ambassador for the high pony, consistently walking the red carpet with her hair held high. Whilst Sporty’s pony takes on the ‘I woke up late’ vibe, Ariana’s pony has a slightly more polished feel, with plenty of volume and texture to boot. BEAUTIFUL – revival done well!

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