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Ariana Grande’s Hair Problem

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America’s newest sweetheart, Ariana Grande, has gone from strength to strength in 2014 with the release of her second album My Everything, and that killer duet with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj, ‘Bang Bang’. Whilst Ariana’s music has evolved, her image hasn’t, with her signature ponytail being her chosen hairstyle for all of her public appearances. But why does Ari stick to this single style?


Ariana’s career started on the Nickelodeon show Victorious, where she played the red haired student, Cat Valentine. In an extensive Facebook post earlier this year, Ariana explained to fans that the role had required her to bleach and dye her hair every fortnight in order to maintain the vibrancy of Cat’s hair, causing irreversible damage to her hair.

In the same post she went on to explain that her real hair is now back to it’s natural brown, and that she wears extensions. However she also added that she wears it in a ponytail because her “…actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd…”


In light of her hair problems, Ariana has turned hair accessories to tidy up her look. Claiming wigs look ridiculous and that a weave made her want to rip her scalp off, it seems that she is yet to find a solution that allows her to let her hair down without using fake alternatives.


Whilst the ponytail look has provided Ariana with a comfortable style for her public outings, we have a couple of tips that could give her – and others with similar hair dilemmas – the confidence to let her hair down once in a while!

1) Avoid the ponytail – The elastics used in creating the ponytail style put unnecessary stress on the hair, which can cause trauma to the roots and eventually hair loss. Avoid the pony and similar styles for quicker,
healthier hair growth – we’re looking at you, Ari!

2) Occasional use of hot styling tools – Got a free day with no commitment? Use that day to give your hair a rest from heated tools. We’re sure that you’re well aware of the damage that these tools can do (split ends, breakage, etc) – and if hairs break off, that means less hair on your head. Avoid tools every so often for thicker, fuller hair.

3) Visit the doctor – Whilst haircare plays a large part in counteracting hair loss, an underlying health condition can also be a cause. Alopecia is a surprisingly common condition, and your GP will be able to offer medication by way of tablets, lotions or injections to encourage hair growth. If you suspect that you may have a hair loss condition, pay them a visit- you may just find a solution!

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