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Barrie Blogs: An RSPCA Ambassador Update!

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Earlier this year, I was humbled to become an RSPCA ambassador. I wanted to share with you my latest fundraising work for the animal charity, as I’m not one to rest on my laurels! If you know me, you know I go in 110% with whatever I’m involved in and so this latest project was no exception.

Project Woodside Charity Evening Dinner

On 16th June, I started project Woodside with a big bang by hosting a glamorous charity dinner in aid of the RSPCA Woodside Centre . The setting for the event was the beautiful White Peacock and they did an amazing job of providing us with glamorous surroundings and mouth-watering food.

I addressed the guests with a speech explaining my involvement and I wanted to share a little of this with those that were not able to attend.

A Snapshot of My Speech

“I am absolutely delighted to be here in the company of fellow animal lovers. I have a passion for many things in life, happiness, my business and right up there is the love of my life, Poppy Dog Stephen. I have always admired the work done by Woodside in our region and over the years the Barrie Stephen team have provided many food pallets and raised funds at our company events for the RSPCA.

In January, Gary the manager at Woodside invited me to a meeting to discuss a deeper involvement I was intrigued and excited. He asked me to be an ambassador for Woodside. I can honestly say I didn’t have a moment’s hesitation, in fact I think it is one of the highest honours I have ever had and one that fires me up!! To be an ambassador for Woodside is a natural fit.

Project Woodside is my new focus and passion, I am committed to raise a minimum of £10,000 over the next 12 months. This evening is the first event of many. I would like to thank each and every one of you for your attendance and support this evening.

My great friend Debbie once said to me there are three types of people, those that make it happen, those that watch it happen and those that say – what the hell happened. I know what type of person this gentleman is, please welcome my new best friend, Gary Wheway”.

BS RSPCA night 310 ChurchillPhoto
BS RSPCA night 125 ChurchillPhoto
BS RSPCA night 089 ChurchillPhoto

The Results of the Event

I’m delighted to tell you that we raised £1,700 that night! Here I am presenting the cheque to Woodside Centre Manager Gary Wheway and Woodside Chairman Ruth Lane.

white peacock cheque
If you want to help this worthy cause whether it’s by fundraising, volunteering or adopting one of the many, many animals seeking their forever home, get started by clicking here to go to their website.