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Barrie Blogs: Beard or No Beard?

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When it comes to facial hair on men, the population is very much divided on whether the boys look better bearded, or hair-free. Male celebrities are perhaps the most scrutinised for their decision to go fuzzy or keep it smooth, so I’m taking a look at five top male celebs, and asking the ultimate question – beard or no beard?

1. Robert Pattinson

As vampire Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga, R.Pattz was forbidden from enjoying even the slightest sign of stubble, let alone a beard. So when he stepped out onto the red carpet with a rugged jawline of facial fuzz, many fell in love all over again, only this time it was with the mature and handsome Robert over his clean-cut, sparkly counterpart. Rob, the beard is definitely for you!

Robert Pattinson no beard
2. George Clooney

Hollywood legend George Clooney has always been a hit with the ladies, bearded or not. However when you put his furry face next to his fur-free face, you have to agree that he looks better without the beard. Sorry George, but the beard isn’t for you – you look like King Triton from The Little Mermaid.

george clooney
3. Gerard Butler

As a general rule of thumb, we hairstylists usually suggest that if you’re going for long hair, avoid the beard, or else you risk looking like Chewbacca. That said, P.S. I Love You heartthrob Gerard Butler somehow makes the mane-and-beard look work, all whilst making him look even more attractive than before!

gerard butler
4. Jake Gyllenhaal

Frequently considered a cute, baby face amongst his male counterparts of the silver screen, we were very surprised when Jake stepped out into the limelight with facial hair. The beard certainly makes him look more his age, but a little trim would refine his look.

jake gylenhaal
5. Ryan Gosling

Whilst Jake needed a beard boost to help him look his age, we don’t feel the same about a certain Ryan Gosling. Ryan’s untidy beard just makes him look a little dishevelled, as opposed to the well-kept, blue-eyed boy that we’ve come to love following The Notebook and Drive. Have a trim, Ry, and let us see that perfect jawbone once again!

ryan gosling
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