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Barrie Blogs – Cher is BACK!

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Cher is the queen of the comeback, but to be honest she has never really gone away has she? The Goddess of Pop has just released her first album in 8 years, €˜Closer to the Truth€™ and it’€™s packed with club stompers like €˜Woman’s World€™ and power ballads like €˜I Hope You Find It€™, which you’€™ll find me belting out while driving to the salon every morning.

I love Cher, and it’€™s crazy to think her career has lasted nearly 50 years, she had it then and she’€™s still got it now!

She’€™s been a Motown sweetheart, a studded leather rock goddess and disco queen, not to mention having her own TV show and winning (deep breath) Oscars, Grammys and Golden Globes! Is there anything Cher CAN’€™T do? She even survived dating Tom Cruise!

She’€™s got a sense of humour too, as we’€™ve seen from her catty (and sometimes completely nonsensical) Twitter. When someone asked her how she celebrated Madonna’€™s birthday, she quickly responded €˜I got a colonic€™. Meow!

Here are some of my favourite Cher moments!

Sonny and Cher
Fresh-faced and paired in a double act with her husband, Cher was the queen of 60s fashion, complete with poker straight hair, headbands, flares and LOTS of colour. Little did she know she would be a popular fancy dress costume thirty years later!

Sonny & Cher
When She Attended The Oscars Dressed as a Spider
Cher won huge plaudits for her performance in Mask, but apparently she didn’t really get along with the film’s director and wanted to rebel against the Hollywood system. Her approach? Casually go to the Oscars dressed as some kind of goth peacock. I feel you, Cher.

Cher - Oscars
When She Got Banned From MTV
Everyone’€™s clutching their pearls over Miley Cyrus right now, but Cher did it first! People were so shocked by her revealing outfit for the If I Could Turn Back Time video that MTV would only show it late at night. The video also featured her straddling a cannon and dancing with lots of sailors on a warship. Vintage Cher.

Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time
After her (three year long) farewell€™ tour wrapped up in 2005 and no film appearances in over ten years, some people had written off Cher as retired. Then BAM, Cher danced and sang her way back into our hearts in the camp classic Burlesque, playing mentor to Christina Aguilera but stealing the show as always. The film is over the top and fabulous, but Cher kept a straight face while saying lines such as €œwho held your hair back when you threw up everything but your memories?€ Always the professional.

Cher - Burlesque
With her face looking as (suspiciously) smooth as it did in the 60s, an amazing figure and a completely unique voice to die for, Cher can give any young up and coming pop star a run for their money. Cher is back and she’€™s going nowhere!

Barrie x

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