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Barrie Blogs: Christina Aguilera – A Style Round-up

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In the world of popular music, it isn’t uncommon for its stars to change up their look throughout their career in order to keep their identity fresh and up-to-date.

Former girl-next-door come raunchy rebel Christina Aguilera is a prime example of a celebrity chameleon. We’re taking a look at the highs – and lows – of Christina’s style choices, from her clip-in shimmering glamour to those leather chaps.

1990s – Girl Next Door

christina 90s
The 1990s saw Christina transition from The Mickey Mouse Club to full-time popstar, taking the cute, all-american girl look with her. Crop tops, mini skirts and subtle make-up accompanied her perfect platinum locks to complete this adorable look.

Fashion High or Fashion Low?

A definite fashion high; cute, girly and well in line with the era.

Early 2000s – The Dawn of ‘Dirrty’

christina 00s
Soon after she arrived on the scene, Christina transformed in Xtina, swapping mini skirts for even mini-er skirts, alongside that infamous bikini top and leather chaps combination. Scruffy, faux dreadlocks finished off this questionable good girl gone bad look.

Fashion High or Fashion Low?

Whilst the Xtina era was certainly the most memorable, it also created a lot of questions in the fashion world – it’s a low from us.

Mid 2000s – Miss Hollywood Glamour

christina glamour
With her rebellious phase over and done with, Christina returned to being a lady by taking on a Hollywood starlet-style look just in time for the release of her retro single, ‘Candyman’. Combining a bold red lip, with bouncy blonde curls, Christina was like Marilyn Monroe reincarnated.

Fashion High or Fashion Low?

An elegant and timeless look – how can this not be considered a fashion high?

2012-13 – Plus-size Popstar

christina plus szie
In the early 2010s, Christina returned to the public eye with a fuller, more voluptuous appearance. Now by no means are we saying anything negative about plus size ladies – you’re gorgeous! – but this purple bodycon number certainly did Christina no favours on the red carpet. The vibrant dipped ends, do nothing to improve the look, however we praise you Christina, for representing curvier girls everywhere!

Fashion High or Fashion Low?

In comparison to past styles, this wasn’t one of her best. This is a fashion low for Ms Aguilera.

2014 – Back to Basics

christina plus size
In 2014, Christina came full circle, taking it right back to basics in a bare-all pregnancy photo-shoot. The beautiful songstress, who gave birth to a baby girl just this weekend (congratulations!), looks the picture of motherhood in this stunning white, sheer dress, which hugs her motherly curves in all the right places.

Fashion High or Fashion Low?

A sure-fire fashion high. Christina absolutely glows in this gorgeous pre-natal shot.

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