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Barrie Blogs: George’s Blog Take Over for Project Woodside Mission!

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Right where do I start? My name’s George and I’m a future professional at the King Street salon.

Earlier this week, I spent the day working for the RSPCA and I wanted to share with you how the day went. As soon as I arrived this morning I received a warm welcome, this straight away gave me a great impression of the charity, everyone was very friendly and helpful, which put me in my comfort zone – however I don’t like to be in my comfort zone, I want to stretch myself!

My first challenge of the day was to clean out the cat pens at the cattery. I absolutely loved it, and can easily say it was my favourite part of the day. The only problem I had with this, was that it took me much longer than what they expected, the reason being I couldn’t stop fussing all the pussy cats!!

During the afternoon, my job was to walk the dogs, some challenged me more than others, but as I say I like to stretch myself. I even got the privilege of walking Elsa the puppy on her first ever walk! She was amazing, at first she was nervous but I soon got her going after we had a chit chat.

It was then unfortunately time to say goodbye to my new animal friends and the brilliant team at Woodside; I loved the experience and can’t wait for my next visit! Here’s a few snaps of me from the day.

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