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Barrie Blogs: My Autumn/Winter Colour Forecast

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We’re still in the midst of summer, but of course in the world of fashion and beauty we’re always looking to the seasons ahead and forecasting the hottest looks. We help our clients achieve beautiful colour across the spectrum and we’ve seen some gorgeous summer shades in the salon – it’s now time to look ahead and predict the autumn/winter season trends based on the favourites of the summer so far!

Blondes Will Go Warmer

This summer, we’ve seen beautiful icy blondes in a range of cool hues. As we head out of summer, I believe we’ll start to see those cool shades evolve into warmer hues. Those who have plumped for a cool blonde will be able to warm their colour easily, with the addition of copper and auburn tones which can be applied over the original colour.

Mixing the Metallics

We’ve seen an array of metallic shades in the salon this summer, and I believe we’ll start to see a fusion of metallics, mixing the cool with the warm during the autumn period to add depth with multi-tonal colouring.

The Darkest of Darks

Brunettes will enjoy adding depth and darkness to their natural colour with the introduction of blackcurrant shades and blue-black tones. High shine is key to a darker look so we’ll be advising clients that choose this colour path to have regular treatments to keep the look glossy and healthy.

Baby Pink Warms Up

We’ve seen the candyfloss colours all over the place this summer and these will not disappear over the winter, but they will evolve. Dusky pinks will replace the baby pink shades of the summer, giving an autumnal feel to this summer colour smash hit.

dusky pink
The Evolution of Ombre

We’ve seen the rise of Ombre over the past couple of years and of late, celebrities such as the Kardashians have moved Ombre to a more natural appearance through adopting a freehand, tailor-made approach to colouring, creating a natural integration with the original colour as it gently works its way down to lighter tones. We’ll see more and more stepping away from the heavy lines of the previous Ombre look and taking this natural approach to the much-loved look.

Khloe K
Whether you’re looking to bring a cool blonde into the warmth or take your brunette locks deeper and darker this autumn/winter, start by booking in for a consultation with one of our colour specialists to get you on the right path to a gorgeous look in the colder months!

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