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Barrie Blogs – My Best and Worst Celebrity Looks This Month

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Being a hair stylist means I’m always on the lookout for those in the public eye that are shaking up the hair world, for good and for bad! This month, I noticed two A list head turners; Emma Stone and Katy Perry. I wanted to share my thoughts on both styles with you.

Katy Perry – Worst Celebrity Look

katy perry
We all know the beautiful Katy loves her rainbow hair colours and isn’t afraid to shock. But the slime green is definitely no “Teenage Dream”. Personally I love Katy’s hair when it is deep, dark and divine. Making those stunning eyes of hers POP!  She’s often compared to Disney character Snow White for her creamy complexion and raven hair, but she’s looking more Joker from the Batman comic than Disney princess with this look.

Emma Stone – Best Celebrity Hair Look

emma stone
WOW! Emma’s hair colour is just gorgeous, the pale auburn base tone is perfect for her complexion, along with the flicks and slices of gold and caramel highlights give such a radiant sun kissed look. This is perfectly on trend for spring/summer 2014! Peter Parker is one lucky guy!

Both girls are equally gorgeous so it just goes to show what a difference a great (or awful) hair colour and style can make. I hope Katy ditches the green soon as goes back to her signature dark locks sooner rather than later, and I hope Emma Stone keeps rocking her look giving those amazing auburn ladies inspiration to embrace their red hues!

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