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Barrie Blogs – My Favourite Celebrity Hair of 2013

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With our team awards now just around the corner, I thought I would have a little fun and hand out the (very prestigious) Barrie Blogs award for the celebrities that showcased the best hair trends in 2013!

Heat magazine conducted a 2013 poll and this saw Miley Cyrus take the title for “Worst Hair of 2013”. I think she’s got the right attitude towards style in that she never fails to push style boundaries, but I must admit her recent short styles have not quite hit the right spot. Miley is young and beautiful though, so what better time to experiment with a few quirky styles?

So, we’ve seen the worst, now let’s the focus on the best!

The Winner for Best Female Hair in 2013 is….

Rihanna! She is the queen of the makeover; in fact a quick Google of her name and you’ll see that each image displayed showcases a different style.

2013 saw her with and without a fringe, blonde, brunette, cropped, long, curly and straight! She’s a daring celebrity and no matter what style she’s tried out, it’s always left us envious of how she pulls off each and every trend with ease.

Rihanna collage

The Winner for Best Male Hair in 2013 is….

Leonardo DiCaprio! We all remember when Titanic erupted onto the silver screen and Leo captured the world’s heart with his deep blue eyes and floppy blonde hair. Post Titanic, he’d played it safe with a succession of short back and sides, but in 2013 he wowed during his performance in The Great Gatsby and not just because of his phenomenal acting.

His neatly slicked back hair coupled with a deep side parting has proved hugely popular and led to a whole host of Great Gatsby inspired styles. A true gentleman’s style, Leo has proved he’s only getting better with age!

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