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Barrie Blogs – My Favourite Power Couples

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Some people ooze power and success in their own right and actually, when they get a partner they are still seen as a solo entity (how often do we see Lady Gaga stepping out with a partner on her arm?!) For others, coupling up has led to worldwide fame and fortune, so I wanted to run you through my top 5 power couples right now!

Kate and William

Kate and William
Sure we loved Wills before, but how much notice did we really take of his royal activities? Yet as soon as he met K Mid and things got serious, we needed to know all about this mystery woman who captured the heart of the Prince. As a nation we fell in love with her, and in turn found William far more interesting! Her amazing hair, impeccable dress sense and her overall kind and caring aura all meant we became swiftly obsessed with this royal love story.

Posh and Becks

posh and becks
Back in the 90s the Spice Girls were taking the world by storm, and whilst Posh was a part of this, she was never really the spokesperson for the band and had a tendency to fall into the background of her scarier, sportier peers. Beckham was well known but still relatively early on in his career. When the two met, nobody could have predicted the phenomenon they would become! I love the couple because they have stood the test of time and they do so much for charity, using all that power, money and fame for good causes!

Jay Z and Beyonce

Beyonce has long been a gorgeous soul diva and Jay Z one of the world’s most famous rappers, but together they have created a powerful music coupling that everybody is fascinated with. When they team up musically, the world wants to hear it before it’s even been produced and more to the point, they want to see the video of arguably the hottest couple ever on camera together! I love them because they are so talented individually and therefore don’t have to rely on each other to keep their career ticking along, so when they do collaborate you can see it’s because they genuinely love to work with each other. Blue Ivy has a lot to live up to with the combined genes of these two!

Brad and Angelina

Brad and angelina
When the news broke that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had parted ways, I remember thinking what a shame it was because I do really like Jennifer Aniston. Then (rather swiftly) along came the sultry Jolie and it wasn’t long before Brad and Angelina were an established couple. I have a lot of admiration for this couple because they seem to share the same outlook on life; to enjoy a career in the spotlight but make sure that they are enjoying family life and focussing on their seemingly endless charity work.

Obama and Michelle

Obama and Michelle
Now I’m no expert, but I have it on good authority that being the President of the USA is a tough job! With that unimaginable level of stress, you need a rock behind you at every step and it’s clear to see that Michelle is Obama’s rock at every step of the way and vice versa. I love that Obama and Michelle’s relationship is one of equality and that the First Lady is certainly not a wallflower! She’s fierce, sassy and so likeable!

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