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Barrie Blogs – My Role as an RSPCA Ambassador

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Many of you know that I’m a keen supporter of the RSPCA and have been involved with various fundraising activities for them over the years. I’m now taking my commitment to the work of the RSPCA one step further and I’m so proud and honoured to announce that I am now an RSPCA ambassador for the Woodside centre here in Leicester!

My Duties

I’ll be continuing in my efforts to raise funds, donations and awareness for this fantastic cause, but now I will also be representing the charity at events, as well as providing quotes and interviews for media such as the radio in an official capacity.

My First Outing as an RSPCA Ambassador

I was keen to hit the ground running, so when I was invited to take part in the RSPCA Equinox fashion show I was absolutely thrilled; it was a fantastic event that raised over £5,000! Below are a few snaps from the evening.

Collage (49)
I believe that you can learn everything you need to know about a person based on their treatment of animals. It’s a terrible fact that thousands of animals are taken into the RSPCA each year as a result of neglect and abuse at the hands of their owners. I see the RSPCA as a haven for animals, giving them a second chance at the life they deserve. My involvement in this charity is one which humbles me and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

You’ll get to follow my progress in my new role throughout the year as I’ll be keeping you regularly updated on my blog and on my social media accounts. If you’d like to know a little more about RSPCA Woodside, then why not check out their website here? Also, if you’d like to lend a helping hand, they are currently appealing for wet dog food donations due to running very low. Any donation large or small is always appreciated by the staff, and of course the animals!

Barrie x