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Barrie Blogs: Neil’s Blog Takeover – Hello from London Fashion Week !

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London Fashion Week spring/Summer 2015 took place 12th – 16th September at Somerset House Showspace in the heart of London’s West End.

BFC – British Fashion Council show space holds many of the fashion shows over the 5 days and is where 2 out of the 3 shows I worked backstage were held. The show I’m going to share with you is the Bora Aksu show.

lfw 1

Preparing the Models

This is the 3rd time working in collaboration with Bora Aksu and the editorial backstage styling team. The theme and inspiration for the look created for the catwalk was from a 1930’s ballerina, so we created textured bound low side ponytails to ensure the hair of the models were worn in an effortless way, with the bound ponytails signifying the discipline and strength of ballet.

model preparation
To create the look a low side parting was put in place before adding a volumising root spray, then I blow-dried with my hands to add lift and texture for that “worn in” feel. Using my hands so as not to smooth the hair out to much, I gathered the hair underneath one of the ears and secured the ponytail into place with an elastic. Once the ponytail was secured I then began the binding of the ponytail, using a heavy elastic (found in any haberdashery) I started to wrap the elastic around the ponytail, making sure it had tension and tidiness. Shine spray was applied to finish the look.

Show Time!

I was called upon to assist with the final line up of the models, this is the time when the hair is closely checked for any last minute touch ups (and I literally mean with seconds to spare!) before the models struts down the catwalk and into the lenses of awaiting photographers and journalists who are all wanting to get the first image out there.

This was an incredible experience, topped off by the fact that the Bora Aksu catwalk graced the front page of the Independent newspaper!

With the show underway and the models having quick clothing changes this is a high pressured environment for the select few who work on the final line up!

This photo is one of my favourites as it shows all the models walking the final walk down the catwalk, marking the end of another fantastic show.

last catwalk
So until next time, I’m your guest blogger!

Neil xx