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Barrie Blogs -€“ Pledging Our Support to the RSPCA

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I absolutely love Christmas; the decorations, the food and of course the glamorous styles we get to see and create over the festive period, but I also think Christmas is a time to think about others less fortunate than ourselves and that’€™s why I support the RSPCA.

Each year, the RSPCA take in thousands of animals that are found as strays, taken from awful situations or given up by families who no longer feel they can take care of them. Most of you will know that I’€™m a huge animal lover and I have my beloved Poppy dog at home, so at Christmas time I make it my mission to donate as much to the RSPCA as possible with the help of my supportive Barrie Stephen team.

Below are a couple of snaps from my recent visit.

Barrie Stephen RSPCA
Barrie Stephen RSPCA Food
We had a great day with the staff and animals, and a friend of mine fell in love with a beautiful cat named Tess, so decided to adopt her! She’€™s absolutely gorgeous as you can see, we’ll keep you all updated as she settles in to her forever home!

The staff at the RSPCA have such an important job and I know that any way you can support them and the animals, be it a regular donation of food, funds, toys or even by adopting an animal would be so appreciated.

One final message I want to share with you all is the importance of remembering that a pet is never just for Christmas. A pet deserves your love, care and attention for the rest of their life and so if you can’€™t promise forever to them then now is not the right time. The RSPCA see so many animals coming in as a result of a poor choice of Christmas present. I think this little graphic sums it up perfectly;

The Barrie Stephen team is proud to support adoption for pets, and so if the time is right to open your home to a perfect pooch, marvelous moggy or any other animal then make the rescue centres your first stop. We saw some adorable faces peering back at us during our visit so we’€™re sure you’€™ll find a gorgeous new addition in no time!

I would like to thank the team for rallying around to help put together our RSPCA donation this year.

Barrie xx