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We’ve been running a competition over on our Facebook page to get our lovely community sharing the beauty tips their mum gave them. If you haven’t entered yet there is still time! The competition will close on Sunday so get your beauty tips in quick by commenting on our page.

With so many wonderful tips being shared, I wanted to give you my run down of the some of the very best we have received so far (and I’ve tried a few out myself too!)

Without further ado, here’s my top 5 beauty tips received from our gorgeous community so far.

1) Drink lots of water and eat your greens – Hannah Ford

I love this one because I’m a firm believer that keeping yourself in tip top condition on the inside shines through on the outside. Nothing is better for your hair, skin and nails than a sensible diet rich in fruit and veg, all washed down with lots and lots of water.

2) Always take your makeup off before bed – Christine Williams

I say this to our girls all the time! If you’re wearing foundation during the day, you need a good quality cleanser, toner and moisturiser to wipe it all away in the evening, allowing your skin to breathe overnight. I’ve loved all the make-up free selfies appearing on my Facebook timeline; go natural whenever you can ladies, your skin will thank you for it and you’re all naturally gorgeous!

3) Do Your Final Hair Rinse with Cold Water – Traci Moore

Often thought of as an old wive’s tale, there is science behind this tip! A cold rinse means you close off the cuticles at the hair shaft, which means dirt and debris have a much tougher time penetrating your scalp. Not only this, it’s a brisk awakener if you’re washing your hair early in the morning!

4) Rag Your Hair for Curls – Jenny Tattersall

Rag curls used to be commonplace amongst little girls and it’s still a lovely way to style your little one’s hair with minimal heat! I also recommend plaiting damp hair the night before, then shaking it out in the morning with a good spritz of salt spray for relaxed, grown-up beachy waves.

5) Smile and Think Happy Thoughts – Suzy Stevenson

Nothing is more beautiful than a beaming smile, so if you’re having a tough day at work or the housework is piling up, take a moment to think positively and get that smile in place – after all, it’s so much more effort to frown isn’t it?!

Thanks to everyone who has shared their tips so far, and an extra special thanks to the mums who have shared their pearls of wisdom with you!