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Barrie Blogs – To Slick Back or Not to Slick Back? That is The Question!

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Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger is naturally stunning and is usually completely on trend when it comes to hair, but her decision to sport the slicked back hairstyle on the X Factor live show raised some eyebrows amongst my fellow hairdressers.

It’€™s been condemned as half a hairstyle€™, but I think if the slicked back look is having a €˜moment right now, and we need to embrace it! If the right person wears it, it can look seriously elegant and high impact.

Jennifer Lawrence tried it successfully at the BAFTAS this year and Kristen Stewart wears it regularly on red carpet events. Both women have very different facial structures, but the look works on both of them.

Its certainly not for the faint hearted, since there’€™s nowhere to hide. You’€™ll exude confidence with all your features on show. It might be hard to pull off, but if you pair it with make-up that dramatically enhances your features, it can look absolutely stunning.

The slicked back look is a statement of power, and would perfectly suit a woman in a situation where she needs to assert herself and rule the room. Pair this look with a blazer for an important meeting and you’€™ll look ready for anything!

There are a few risks, you have to make sure the hair doesn’t just look like a greasy mop and if you’re in the process of growing out a fringe, it’€™s best avoided!

Give the look a trial run and invest in some decent hair spray that won’€™t make your hair look like it’€™s been frozen. Experiment with cat eyeliner and highlight your cheekbones to make your facial features pop and dare to wear that slicked back hair!

Barrie x

Kim Kardashian
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