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Barrie’s Top Boys! My Favourite Male Celebrity Looks

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We love sharing the secrets of those gorgeous girly looks, but this week I want to concentrate on my favourite celebrity male looks, from the classics to the fabulously outlandish!

The Dapper Classic – Don Draper

don draper
Okay, technically Don Draper is the dark and mysterious character in Mad Men and Jon Hamm is the actor who plays him, but as Don Draper is the look Jon pulls off best I’m going with the character name on this one! The classic short sides and slightly longer top neatly parted to the side is perfect for men that need something practical but stylish and sharp. You’ll also see this look in conjunction with a beard and a few tattoos which looks incredibly striking. Dapper gent meets Shoreditch chic!

I love this look because it never goes out of style, it’s easy to do at home and it’s extremely versatile. The key to maintaining this look is very regular trims – if you’re a fan of Mad Men you’ll know that Don takes regular visits to the barber, there’s good reason for that!

The Daring Look – Jared Leto

Leto is famed for pushing the boundaries in his career but recently it’s been his hair making waves (literally!) Jared has been sporting a long flowing ombre look and whilst daring, I think he really pulls it off.

This look needs careful attention in the form of regular trims to avoid dreaded split ends and the ombre look will need maintenance by booking in with a colour specialist. My key takeaway point for this look is don’t try to do the colour yourself! We’ve seen many people in the salon in need of a professional fix after trying to create the look at home only to be left with an unnatural looking block colour as opposed to the gradual fade a trained colourist can create.

The Enviable Quiff – Nick Grimshaw

Nick Grimshaw
His hair has become his trademark over the past few years and I for one love it! He’s fresh and young with a comical personality and his hair screams all of those things. Keeping the sides neat with lots of length on top gives options for the more adventurous man – comb it back for a swept back style or create a striking quiff with the length using texturizing clay. Perfect for those seeking a do’ with attitude and versatility.

The secret to any good male style is of course taking care of it! Our Barber’s Lounge means you can nip in for a tidy up without the need to book an appointment so you can whip that grown out style back into shape quicker than I can say “what were you thinking Adam Levine?!” (Seriously, that bleach blonde look is not doing it for me at all).

Adam Levine
Barrie x

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