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Celebrity trend spotting: Beyonce and THAT haircut

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Beyonce shocked the hair industry last week showcasing a dramatic new crop. Personally we think it looks fab, but with the natural beauty that Beyonce possesses there are few haircuts that wouldn’t suit her. The pixie cut has long been on trend in the celeb world with gorgeous stars like Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams rocking short and stylish do’s on the red carpet. It got us thinking about some of the other stars that have recently radically changed their hairstyles and whether or not their choice to extend or cut was right for them.


As we said, Beyonce’s crop has got us all in a tizz and reaching for the scissors ourselves! We wonder if her decision was partially based on ease due to daughter Blue Ivy reaching toddler age, but with the amount of support the A list mum will have, we think it’s probably more down to the fact that she fancied a change after years of having long locks.

Frankie Sandford

Frankie’s iconic asymmetric haircut has long been the envy of young women, but since announcing her pregnancy we have seen her step out with long and sultry waves. Her hair extensions are clearly very well done, but we can’t help but miss her short and cute style.

Miley Cyrus

Miss Cyrus is clearly casting aside her Hannah Montana alter ego and stepping into an edgier style. What better way to cement her evolution than with an eye-catching new hairstyle? Whilst we applaud Miley for her ability to transform herself from child star to queen of the pop scene, her short crop just doesn’t tick our boxes. Bearing a striking resemblance to Ellen DeGeneres, we look forward to seeing Miley with a more face-framing haircut that emphasises her features in all the right ways.

Jessie J

One of the biggest shocks in the celebrity hair world this year was Jessie J’s decision to shave her head. All in the name of charity, Jessie bravely shaved off her trademark glossy dark hair for Comic Relief and we have nothing but admiration for her decision (although we are looking forward to seeing her with a little more hair in the coming months!).

Chantelle Houghton

In recent months, Chantelle has been pictured with tired-looking brassy blonde hair, so it was great to see her sporting dark hair this week. Chantelle certainly needed a deep conditioning treatment and judging by that lovely shiny chocolate hue that’s exactly what she’s had. We hope she keeps it!