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Glamorous Grey – Why The Coolest Stars are Going For Granny Chic

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Gone are the days of desperately trying to cover your greys. ‘Antique Grey’ is one of the new shades being requested by many of the coolest stars trying to rock the granny look. Among those sporting the new trend is the youngest of the Kardashian gang, Kylie Jenner, who spent 12 hours in the hairdresser achieving her luscious silver locks.

kylie jenner
The 17 year old fashion icon isn’t the only celeb jumping on the bandwagon. “Girls” star Zosia Mamet, who plays Shoshanna on the show, originally wanted to experiment with violet hair but decided to opt for a more mature style after her hairdresser told her that she would look childish. Her feelings about her new look: “I’m still getting used to it; I think it’s cool”.

Perhaps a less surprising fan of the colour is slightly more daring Kelly Osbourne who revealed on her Mother’s chat show that she’s “always wanted to be young and have grey hair”. Her view is that, being 27, she only has three years left to experiment and have fun.

But why only go grey when you’re really young or really old? Singer, Pink, 35, looks just as glamorous with the icy shade.

It’s also not just the female stars embracing what Mother Nature has to offer. Radio and TV presenter, George Lamb, 35, started going grey at 19 and decided to let it become his signature thing: “…I thought ‘Oh God, what’s going on?’ But I embraced it and went with it.”

When grey is usually associated with the dull English weather and dare I say, ‘the elderly’, it’s to be expected that when it comes to hair the colour is being referred to as many things, ranging from ‘silver’ to ‘icy’ and ‘arctic’.

Not only offering an interesting juxtaposition, young people going grey may also be seen as a twisted, rebellious way of defying growing old by taking action themselves on when to go grey rather than waiting for nature to take its course!

With other starlets snapped with unicorn-esque grey locks such as Rihanna, Orange is the New Black’s Dascha Polanco and model, Charlotte Free, it will be no surprise if more celebs decide to follow in their footsteps in 2015.

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