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Halloween Special: Scariest Celebrity Hair of the Year so Far

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We’re finally in the run up to the most terrifying time of the year – Halloween! In celebration of this frightening occasion, I’m going to be taking a look back on the scariest hair of 2014 so far!

MILEY CYRUS – Loom Band Locks

Former country-come-Disney channel sweetheart Miley Cyrus has certainly had an interesting few months, culminating in this rather odd hairstyle that is somewhat reminiscent of a 90s arts and crafts box. Combining gaudy fake braids with beads and this year’s top craft, loom bands, this colourful little ‘do is highly unlikely to become a trend any time soon. An absolute horror show!

LADY GAGA – Frizzy Frenzy

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is well into her ARTPOP world tour right now, and has popped out in public with a multitude of looks during her travels – all of which has been well documented across both her social media and the media. This voluminous, curly style is just one of her aforementioned looks, and harks back to Cher in her heyday. This awful wig also swamps her small frame in a mask of faux hair. You have to choose the outrageous make-up or the outrageous hair, Gaga – you can’t do both!

BEYONCE – Blunt bangs

Beyonce fringe
I’m so disappointed in Beyoncé for stepping out with this awful fringe look! With such luscious, beautiful hair, I really expected more from the current Queen of pop music, but this blunt fringe does not do her forehead any favours, making it appear rather on the large side. Please Bey, stick to a longer or side-swept fringe, and please never do this look again. Frightening!

KATY PERRY – Slicked back and slime green

katy perry green
This backstage snap of Katy getting ready for her music video for ‘This Is How We Do’ appeared online a couple of weeks back, and it is one scary style! Between the green pigtail-buns, and her painful-looking, slicked back hair, this isn’t one of Katy’s best hair choices – nor a great decision by her stylist! Coupled with the blonde eyebrows – making her appear as though she actually has no brows – this is certainly a look to consider for Halloween this year.

RITA ORA – Cruella Deville

Rita Ora usually provides me with an abundance of hair-spiration but this cheap, Cruella Deville rip-off is somewhat of a horror show. I’m all for coordinating your hair with your outfit and I do actually really love the style, but spray painting your hair with a ghastly white shade just to continue your monotone theme is not the way to go. Overall, this look just makes her appear as though she’s overdone it with the dry shampoo, however this is an ideal look if you’re dressing as a ghost this October 31st.

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