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Holiday hair care tips

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The holiday season has firmly arrived now and we are seeing lots of clients booking in for a last minute trim before jetting off! Even Barrie and Joachim have taken well deserved breaks to go and soak up a bit of sun! Our clients often ask us for hair tips when visiting hot and humid countries, so we thought we would post a few ideas to keep your locks looking perfect throughout your time in the sun.

Prevention is better than cure

Taking time off to go and lounge on a beach means that many come back with a lovely healthy glow, but this is all too often coupled with dry and damaged hair.  Sun damaged hair looks void of moisture, frazzled and generally unruly. Once the damage is done the only sure fire cure is a good cut. Avoid damage in the first place by packing a few key protection products. There are plenty of products that can be smoothed on to the hair that contain an SPV or UV filters, please feel free to ask one of our stylists for advice on this! Also, we recommend a deep conditioning treatment a few days before your holiday to make sure you arrive with hair that is in the best possible condition to start with.

Practice those sexy up-dos

If you are travelling to somewhere particularly humid, the chances of being able to maintain free-flowing smooth locks are minimal. We’ve heard stories from people coming back from holiday destinations like Cyprus (which reaches the mid-40s in July!) and they said it was just impossible to have hair down, so all the girls resorted to French plaits even in the evening! When having your hair down isn’t an option, you need a few accessories and tools at hand to make sure your hair doesn’t let down those gorgeous outfits you have packed! We recommend taking lots of grips so you can create stand out quiffs rather than battling to keep a side fringe straight. In addition, a mesh bun ring will help you to create an easy style perfect for day and night that keeps all hair up and out of the way.

A good finish with a strong hold hairspray will keep flyaway bits at bay and a cute headband is a must-have. We love the collection of headbands Accessorize have at the moment; you can see some of our favourites to the side.

Embrace the waves

There is no better time to rock the natural look than when on holiday, so ditch the straighteners and hairdryer in favour of hair that has dried naturally as you sit on your balcony reading a book. You can help it along by encouraging waves through a little salt spray or a small amount of mouse scrunched through. Those with dead straight hair, fear not! When your hair is wet, create 2 French plaits and allow to dry before releasing the bands, shaking out and spritzing with a little salt spray.

Neil’s final word

Trend forecaster and resident Art Director Neil Smith says; “I always advise my clients on an intensive conditioning treatment prior to a holiday and to use products with uva/uvb filters. I also strongly recommend pre-soaking hair before swimming to prevent hair damage from chlorine or salt water as well as a post- holiday haircut/colour and intensive treatment. Of course, we always strongly suggest hats or headscarves to cover hair and avoid damage altogether”.

Don’t let your hair be the focal point of your holiday snaps for all the wrong reasons! Look after it, experiment with eye catching up-dos and bring out those gorgeous natural waves by following our essential hair care tips for the holiday season. Wherever you are off to this summer, we at Barrie Stephen hair hope you have an amazing time! xx