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How Taylor Swift Grew Up With Her Hairstyle

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This week, Taylor Swift released her new album 1989, the fifth of her eight-year long career. Selling 1.287 million copies in the first week, 1989 also became the fastest selling record in 12 years – a incredible feat for a musician aged just 24.

With such accolades now attached to her name, it’s fair to say that Taylor has come a long way since her country-pop beginnings. However it isn’t just Taylor’s career that has sky rocketed; her appearance has also grown with her. I’ll be looking at T.Swizzle’s changing appearance throughout each of her albums, from curly-haired cutie to sleek sister!

The Taylor Swift era

taylor 1
Way back in 2006, 16-year-old Taylor broke into the popular music scene with her debut, self-titled album, featuring notable tracks such as Teardrops on My Guitar and Should’ve Said No. Her girl-next-door look was headed up by her perfectly formed, tight, ringlet curls – a look that immediately caught on with her female fans across the globe.

The Fearless era

taylor 2
Taylor’s second album Fearless saw the release of her brilliant single Love Story, a fairytale-inspired track bearing reference to Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. It’s no surprise that this Shakespearean inspiration was brought into the music video for the song for her delightful romantic updo, showing that even the most voluptuous curls can be tamed into stunning hairstyles. This look also signified the beginnings of a more grown up Taylor, as she begun her transformation from girl to lady.

The Speak Now era

taylor 3
T’s third studio album Speak Now featured a fab single entitled Mean, the video for which saw her adopt a faux bob and vampy make-up for a truly lady-like look. Her tight ringlet curls were softened into gentle waves for the duration of the album’s promotional campaign, whilst the subtle updo showed Taylor beginning to favour a shorter, more mature style, over her formerly lengthy locks.

The Red era

taylor swift 3
The release of her fourth album, Red, saw Taylor step out into the public domain with her biggest change of appearance to date. The curls and waves highlight on the covers of previous records were banished, instead replaced by a thick, blunt fringe, and sleek straightened locks. Her brown-blonde hair was also coloured to a brighter blonde, keeping her look youthful with a grown-up edge.

The 1989 era

taylor 5
After the success of Red, it’s no surprise that Taylor’s new album 1989 has found a similar level of triumph. Her look for this new album is also triumphant, as she maintains the sleekness developed for the Red marketing campaign, albeit with a few inches lopped off the length, and that beautiful blunt fringe swept aside for a gorgeously girly twist.