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How to Achieve Gorgeous Christmas Party Hair

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Tis’ the season to be fabulous! This month, the salons have been abuzz with clients discussing their ideas for Christmas party style, and with our own team party coming up, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take a look at some of my favourite festive styles.

Glamourous Volume

A gorgeous party style that never goes out of fashion is voluminous hair falling in soft, bouncy waves. To achieve this look, section the hair so you have a bottom, middle and top layer going around you head. Clip the middle and top layer out of the way. For large bouncy curls, take a section of hair around 3 inches wide and take a large radial brush (the rounded brush with bristles), start at the ends of the hair section and wrap the hair around the brush until it has reached the root, for those enviable waves make sure you wrap the hair outwards, away from your face. Blow dry for around 30 seconds on a warm setting and then 20 seconds on cool, before pulling gently on the handle whilst twisting slightly to remove the brush from the hair whilst retaining the curl.

Do this the whole way around each of the 3 sections, then shake out the curls and finish with a swipe of hairspray.

If you’re in a hurry or just fancy being pampered, remember our blow dry bar! We offer salon perfect blow drys which can be booked at your convenience – you can even enjoy a glass of wine as we work our magic and get you set for your Christmas party!

The Stylish Festive Hair Accessory

The days of wrapping a bit of tinsel around your ponytail are firmly over, but there is a far more stylish alternative for those who want to incorporate a little festive cheer into their hairstyle for the Christmas party. Ribbons can be used in all manner of ways, from plaiting them into your hair to creating a simple band to set off a messy bun. We love this graphic on 15 different ways to wear a ribbon in your hair;


The Gibson Tuck

This gorgeous style worn by the likes of Kate Middleton is known as the Gibson Tuck. The low and relaxed updo is the perfect style this Christmas for those wishing to create a vintage look and it’s really quite easy to create.

We found this instructional graphic on Pinterest which perfectly outlines how to achieve this classic look.

gibson tuck
Have a wonderful Christmas party, whether it’s a work do, a family occasion or a celebration with friends!

Barrie xx

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