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Is the Man Bun Trend Great or Grim?

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As hairstyles go, the man bun trend is certainly one of the most notable in 2014. Top stars such as Colin Farrell, Harry Styles and Leonardo Di Caprio were all seen rocking the man bun this year, starting a trend amongst the everyday males.

If you want to take on the man bun look, here are our top tips for creating the style and keeping it maintained.

Chop and Trim

Many long-haired male celebs don the bun as shortcut to a slicked back look for their public appearances. However an easy way to adopt a more stylish man bun is to close shave the back and sides of your hair, whilst leaving your locks long on top.

Once you have achieved your initial look, it is essential to keep it maintained. Regular trims at the Barrie Stephen Barber Lounge are a must – and don’t forget to snip off those split ends for a healthier looking bun!

Keep it fresh!

All long hairstyles require frequent washing to keep them looking clean and attractive – there’s nothing worse than greasy ‘chip pan’ hair! Give your hair a thorough wash with shampoo every other day to keep it smelling and looking great. Follow-up with a quality conditioner, to add moisture and softness too.

Keep grease at bay whilst on the go by spritzing dry shampoo at the roots; massage into the scalp with your finger tips for best results, before tying up into a bun.

The right accessories

Hair elastics are key to achieving the man bun, and we recommend purchasing thin, fabric covered bands for the best effect. Using bands that aren’t covered in fabric can create unnecessary pain and damage when tying up or letting down hair, as the rubber tugs on the hair strands. Fabric bands offer pain-free styling, and are much kinder to hair.

Some stores stock bands in colours close to natural brunette, blonde or red tones, so buy these where possible for a seamless, coordinated style.

Style it up!

Our top tip for styling a man bun is to position the bun on the crown of the head. Here, the bun remains noticeable without being as prominent as the top knot style that is popular amongst females.

Man buns have very much divided the nations thoughts, however here’s what Michael, a barber at the Barrie Stephen Barber Lounge, thinks of this trend: “Guys If you want to follow the man bun trend then my advice is the more natural the better no one wants to look like an iced bun with a cherry on top, keep it relaxed and simple”.

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