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Latest Incredible Hair Dye Technique Will Make Your Hair Look Like Pixels

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Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 12.07.56After ombre took over the hair world in 2014, a new hair dye trend has appeared in 2015 – though you certainly won’t be able to do this one at home!

Created by the Madrid-based creative salon X-pression, the look, dubbed xpressionpixel, is about layering perfect squares of dyed hair to create a pixelated effect.

A mixture of looking futuristic and super retro at the same time, this revolutionary dying technique was invented by three colourists who like to push the boundaries of what dye can do. This is a big step up from highlights and ombre!

The technique is quickly being picked up across the world, with salons in New York and London offering xpressionpixel-style dye jobs. The salon is currently making a webinar to help alternative hairdressers perfect the difficult technique.

Revlon Professional even featured pixellated hair in their Winter 2014 ‘Neon’ campaign, which was heavily influenced by the 1980s sci-fi style of Tron and Blade Runner. The campaign perfectly matched the retro-futuristic pixel technique!

The bold, blocky highlights, often in bright colours, is a really cool and fun effect, but be wary that the look won’t last long, and will look messy when it grows out.

The look suits straight, sleek hair, and will apply well to styles that are well structured, like a bob.

pixel hair
Just make sure you don’t go out in the wind!

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