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London Fashion Week

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Last Monday saw myself: James @KingSt, and Annie @Anstey travel down to London to style hair at this seasons LondonFashion Week #LFW.

We was to be assisting Sam Burnett  backstage for the Autumn/ Winter 2015/2016 runway of Canadian born designer Thomas Tait at the University of Westminster.

Our call time was 1pm, ready for the show to start at 4pm, so we travelled down that morning as it wasn’t a too early start – we still had to leave at 9am!

Once we arrived we joined the hair team of about 17 and was told by Sam on the vision of the show and brief for the model’s hair:- UNDONE ASPIRATIONAL HAIR.



We started off by drying a salt spray into the root areas to add a subtle dry texture and dull off some of the natural shine in the hair.

Once dried we them found the natural parting in the hair and disjointed the line so it wasn’t a clean sharp part, keeping the hair feeling undone.


The models were instructed to come with as cleaner hair as possible, however 90% of them came from other shows and their hair was full of previous products – some had to be washed so we could start a fresh.

A medium tong was then used to create soft bends and folds to mimic that of natural texture to the girls who’s hair was straight and to define those that already had texture to their hair.

We then used a lightweight holding spray before the hair was clipped up around the face with cards and tissue ready for make up.

Overall there was approximately 36 models to get through, however these was a steady flow as they arrived keeping the tension backstage to a minimal.

Around 2:30 the models had their dress rehearsal which allowed us time to grab some food that we had all been eying up since we had arrived – typical hair dressers always worrying about their stomachs.

At 4 they were all dressed and ready to hit the runway with then the dressing team going into panic as this the crucial moment before the collection in put out into the the world of fashion for the first times nod rumours began circulating that Kanye West was amongst the audience wait out the front and you could feel the adrenaline in the room As cameras flashed and video cameras was in everyone’s face asking them about the show and trying to get their first glimpse of the clothing, hair and makeup.


After 20 minutes it was all over and there was a real buzz of success as we all cheered and applauded everyone one their hardworking and commitment.


It was true, Kanye West was in the audience and he came backstage to congratulate and speak to the designer and I did mange to get a picture of him. It would be rude not too!!!