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Movember Styling Tips

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So it’s that time of year again where facial fuzz becomes a must have for males everywhere – all in the name of charity. That’s right, it’s Movember, an awareness campaign highlighting prostate and testicular cancer – and male health in general– all through the power of the moustache.

If you’re becoming a Mo Bro this month, here is my advice for keeping your new facial feature neatly tamed, along with maintenance tips, should you choose to keep him!

BEFORE YOU START: Choose your new companion

After shaving your face in preparation for Movember (the first rule of the campaign is that you must start clean shaven), you should choose the type of moustache that you want to grow for the month. From the Wisp to the Trucker ‘tache, all moustaches require careful styling and maintenance, so decide at the start and then craft as it grows!

THE EARLY DAYS: Steam and Cleanse

You might be a Mo Bro, but skin care is just as essential for you as it is for your Mo Sistas. The early stages of ‘tache growth can be itchy and uncomfortable, so wash your face with a hot towel daily to clean off the daily grime and deep cleanse your pores, encouraging softer hair growth. Maintain this step throughout your mo’s life to keep him clean and the follicles healthy.

BONUS TIP: Add a little moisturiser to your upper lip whilst growing, to keep the skin soft and supple as your moustache begins to show.

FULL ‘TACHE: Groom, groom and groom again!

Grooming is essential for moustaches. Just as your Mo Sista’s groom their eyebrows, you should groom your moustache by brushing and trimming. Barber scissors and a comb are two essential tools that should feature in your toolkit, along with a well-lit mirror and a razor. Use the scissors to trim any fast-growing stray hairs – using the comb for guidance – and use the razor to remove any vast patches of stubble.

BONUS TIP: Wet the hair when shaping your moustache– it is much easier cut in large chunks when damp. Just doing a quick trim? Keep it dry for a neat snip.

KEEPING YOUR MO: Maintain the maintenance

Decided to keep your ‘tache after Movember? Make sure you keep a daily maintenance regime in place. As well as the tips outlined above, you should carry out regular shampooing to see off any unwelcome dirt or leftover food. Follow the shampooing with a generous blob of conditioner, as this will soften the coarse hair of your Mo making it more comfortable to wear. No time to wash? Keep your beard clean and well-groomed on-the-go with daily brushing using a fine tooth comb.

BONUS TIP: For extra flair, try styling your Mo’ using a moustache wax, to hold the hairs in place throughout the day.

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