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The Dating App for Men With Beards

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We were told in 2014 that we had reached “peak beard” and that the reign of facial hair was over, but if anything, beards are still booming, particularly on social network sites such as Instagram where the rugged hipster look still dominates.

Women swoon while those who can’t grow their own suffer the sad symptoms of beard envy. The beard boom was supposedly reignited by celebrities including George Clooney and Ben Affleck at the BAFTAs in early 2013. Since then facial fuzz has flourished, especially in areas such as east London where facial grooming in salons has replaced the declining sales of razors.Facial hair has always been another fashion trend that has risen and fallen throughout history.

In the early 1900s facial hair was associated with wealth, intellect and masculinity and the beard era peaked during the Victorian era with handlebar moustaches being particularly popular. Fashion faded however and later on in the century a clean shaven look became more favourable, especially as razor company Gillette began sprinkling society with ads featuring beard-free men looking clean and healthy.

The past few years has once again seen the return of the manicured moustache and statement beard alongside an increase in facial hair products such as oils and waxes. The beard has once again become a symbol for masculinity as males fight to outbeard each other. Yet it also represents the sensitive, modern man. The beard is a delicate space where men can preen themselves to their heart’s content, almost becoming the male’s version of a female’s visit to the hairdressers.

Thanks to social media we also now have a delightful dating app dedicated to bearded men and beard enthusiasts alike. The name of this app is called Bristlr and is basically a Tinder for pogonophiles (anyone who loves a good beard). Men here look to be “petted” by “beard strokers” but that’s all you will find on most profiles. It seems that the beard has somehow become a substitute for personality as most men simply use their profile to reaffirm prospective suitors that yes, they have a beard and yes, they are looking for a beard loving individual.

Occasionally we are treated to the knowledge that travelling and tattoos are also avid interests for the average bearded gent. Usernames such as BeardyTom, GingerJesus and Beard4U are also fairly popular, but again, don’t give much away.It’s fair to say that the beard boat hasn’t sailed just yet and why should it? After all, beards are just one more way the modern man can embrace British heritage. Our Barbers Lounge is one place where you can indulge in a rich, traditional British experience. Barber shops have always been an important fabric of British culture, particularly for relaxing and socialising, so come and check out our lounge for the ultimate pampering experience for you and your beard.