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The Rise of the Wob

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Thinking of changing up your hairstyle? The ‘wob’ (wavy bob) is the latest fashionable ‘do to be seen on all the celebs. This effortless, youthful look is easy to achieve and suits any face shape.

With the wob, natural looking waves are the way to go. Make sure not to make your curls too tight, or you could end up looking like your grandma! Those with naturally wavy hair will love this style as all you need to do is add a bit of texture to your tousled tresses. For those with straight hair, the same look can be achieved with a little work from a curling iron. Remember not to curl every strand and to only curl small sections. We are going for carefree and au naturel, so keep this in mind. The great thing about the wob is that you can get away with just rolling out of bed and hardly doing anything with your hair. This can only be achieved, though, with lots of mascara and red lippy or you could look a bit too ‘bed head’! Experiment with smoky eyes to achieve an edgier style.

When getting this haircut, I recommend the length being between the chin and shoulders. This will really accentuate your features and give the appearance of a slimmer jawline and larger eyes. I would also suggest going for a richer hair colour to further define your features and the dimensions of this feminine haircut. Another benefit to this style is that it can easily be styled and straightened into a sleek regular bob, so it is very versatile.

There are so many A-listers with this style at the moment. Those who have pulled it off best include Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Sienna Miller and Kim Kardashian! This look is perfect for anyone wanting to go for a look that softens the features, but also gives you a grown up edge!


Celebrities love this look as it is so easy to manage and is also easy to grow out. To maintain this look, just get a trim every 6-8 weeks. Invest in some great products, such as sea salt spray, dry wax spray and a frizz eliminator.


With the wob, you can take it from day to night and never have a bad hair day again! You can also expect lots of compliments and comments on how young and stylish you look.

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