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Woodside RSPCA Volunteering

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Hi guys, I am Daren Future Professional at Barrie Stephen Ashby.


rspcaoli1Oliver who is Future Professional from the Barrie Stephen Anstey salon and myself had the opportunity to volunteer for Woodside RSPCA Leicester.We had such an eventful day at the RSPCA, the team there were so welcoming and great full that team members of Barrie Stephen had gone along to give a help in hand, as any help really goes along.


Our day couldn’t have gone any better at Woodside taking 6 cats off there hands, playing with them giving them attention and some loving care they needed. We really felt that we played an amazing part looking after Chewey, Peanut, Pepper, Lanaster, Jonesey and Tigerous, as doing so gives the cats confidence to be around different members of the public making it a lot easier for the to be rehomed.




Thanks Woodside for having us. Darren & Oliver