{"title":"Christmas Opening Hours","content":"

Book in early and look fabulous over the festive period. Call 0116 402 6222
\nClick on image to view times.<\/p>\n

\"\"<\/a><\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/09\/Christmas-Opening-Hours-logo.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/christmas-opening-hours\/"}{"title":"50% OFF ALL ELEMIS SERVICES","content":"

Wendy, our NEW Beauty Therapist, will be joining The Beauty Lounge Narborough from Wednesday 06.09.2017<\/p>\n

With many years of experience she will be a great asset to the team.<\/p>\n

We are offering 50% OFF ALL ELEMIS SERVICES when you book your next beauty appointment with Wendy for a limited time only!<\/p>\n

\"\"<\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/08\/elemis-promo1_edited-1.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/50-off-all-elemis-services\/"}{"title":"Sunset Boulevard","content":"

To celebrate our collaboration with the Sunset Boulevard production at Curve theatre, we at BStyled are offering you the ultimate 1950’s Hollywood glamour pamper package. Enjoy an exclusive sunset cocktail whilst getting a luxurious blow-dry and gelish nail service to get you looking the part!<\/p>\n


Sunset Package<\/p>\n

Includes Sunset Blowdry, Sunset Gelish Nails, Sunset Cocktail and 10% off Sunset Boulevard tickets at Curve.<\/p>\n

\"\"<\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/08\/SunsetPromo1.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/sunset-boulevard\/"}{"title":"2017 Set To Be Another Award Winning Year","content":"

2017 is shaping up to be another successful year of awards for us here at Barrie Stephen. We were delighted to win Hair Magazine Award\u2019s Best Salon Group back in May and now Barrie himself is nominated for Business Director of the Year in the British Hairdressing Business Awards.<\/p>\n

As the Barrie Stephen Hair Group we have won over 40 awards in the past eight years. This makes Barrie Stephen the most prolific winner and finalist of hairdressing awards that this region has ever seen.<\/p>\n

We are very proud of the latest nomination. How does Barrie sit proudly at the top of his game? By making Leicester the centre-piece of his entries \u2013 the events, the people, the services, the institutions and businesses and the charities and partnerships.<\/p>\n

The Hair Magazine Best Salon Group award win came back in May.<\/p>\n

Barrie and his five-salon strong team were judged by a panel of industry professionals on the salon group\u2019s ethos, reputation, customer service and the stand out environments that make Barrie Stephen Hair the best not only in Leicester, but the whole of the country.<\/p>\n

Hair Magazine Editor Linda Fox said; \u201cBarrie Stephen Hair is a much-deserved winner. Each of his five salons have a unique feel and the drive and dedication of Barrie and the team shone through in their entry<\/p>\n

From their first salon in Anstey, right the way through to the latest addition, \u2018sassy little sister\u2019 Bstyled, the Barrie Stephen experience is at the top of its game.\u201d<\/p>\n

Barrie is absolutely over the moon at being named as a finalist in the Business Director of the Year category at the British Hairdressing Business Awards, sponsored and hosted by Hairdressers Journal International. Even finalising in one of the prestigious categories marks a business out as one of the finest providers in the country.<\/p>\n

Business Director of the Year is the ultimate accolade on the night and celebrates the best business thinker in the hairdressing industry. HJ\u2019s Executive Director, Jayne Lewis-Orr says,<\/p>\n

\u201cThe Business Director of the Year Award is presented to someone who\u2019s truly making a difference to the hairdressing industry with their wide-ranging skill set. It recognises fantastic commitment and passion for the craft, and we are delighted to recognise these individuals.\u201d
\nBarrie says, \u201cTo kick off award season with a win such as Best Salon Group was fantastic enough, let alone to be shortlisted for Business Director of the Year! It would be a dream come true to win and it is the highest honour to be amongst the finalists.\u201d<\/p>\n

 <\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/07\/BarrieDirector.png"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/2017-set-to-be-another-award-winning-year\/"}{"title":"“How can I keep my salon-fresh look?”","content":"

There\u2019s no feeling quite like leaving the salon happy. The sassy strut, the bouncy swinging hair and the silky-to-the-touch locks just warm the heart!<\/p>\n

We hear things all the time of achieving \u201cthe salon feel\u201d on TV and in magazines. But how can you truly retain your salon-fresh locks? Here are a few top tips.<\/p>\n


Use the right shampoo and conditioner<\/p>\n

Keeping your hair\u2019s beautiful look and feel is largely down to using the right shampoo and conditioner for you. This is especially the case if you have coloured hair, as many non-salon-recommended and off-the-shelf shampoos and conditions can strip the hair of colour. A big no-no if you\u2019ve just achieved that perfect colour. Just like people, hair comes with many different characteristics, and so it\u2019s also important to find the perfect match for your hair. To find your perfect match, simply have a word with your stylist!<\/p>\n


Limit heating tools<\/p>\n

Of course, for many of us, the trusty straighteners are life-savers for those not-so-happening natural hair days! But to help avoid excessive heating to the hair, try to give your hair a break from the heated hair tools where possible. Equally important, when you do turn to the stylers, be sure to keep your locks heat protected. We recommend the use of Kerastase Nectar Thermique to keep them shiny and full of life.<\/p>\n


Master the technique<\/p>\n

Does your stylist blow-dry your hair in a certain way that guarantees a bouncy and full-of-life head of hair? Ask your stylist for extra tips when it comes to blow-drying and styling your hair. We have all the knowledge you could want, and we\u2019d love to lend a few useful tips.<\/p>\n


Now you can keep your salon locks perfect right up until your next treatment.<\/p>\n

Look out for our new video tutorials too which will guide you through achieving different looks.<\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/07\/blog1.png"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/how-can-i-keep-my-salon-fresh-look\/"}{"title":"Our top tips on saying No to hair breakage","content":"

Say \u201cNo!\u201d To Hair Breakage<\/h3>\n


It\u2019s every girl\u2019s nightmare: the thought of hair breakage to the point where you\u2019re left with a dry, brittle and sad head of locks. With everything we do with our hair from heated stylers, chemical processing, UV and chlorinated water exposure to tying it up \u2013 it\u2019s true that our hair goes through a lot.<\/p>\n

Hair is a remarkably strong \u2013 a single healthy hair is actually stronger than a steel wire of the same diameter and can stretch up to 30% of its length when wet before breaking.<\/p>\n

Our daily actions though can weaken this strength. While there are ways to repair some of the damage created to your hair over time, they say \u201ca stitch in time saves nine\u201d \u2013 and prevention is the key when it comes to preserving your beautiful healthy locks.<\/p>\n


Here are a few tips for keeping your hair nourished, healthy and breakage-free:<\/p>\n

Regular trims<\/h3>\n


For every girl trying to grow out hair, this might sound like the last thing you want. The truth, however, is that if your hair breaks, the only sure-fire way to stop further breakage is to cut off the dead end. If your breakage gets worse over time, you\u2019re likely to need more cutting to prevent further damage.<\/p>\n

Turn down the heat<\/h3>\n


We all love the dramatic poker straight look, or the volumous and bouncy curls every now and then, but what\u2019s important is that your hair is protected. While, of course, you should always put a heat protector on your hair before heat styling (we love ____!), temperature-adjustable stylers are a great choice. Finer hair will generally require less heat than thick, dense hair, and buying stylers that cater for this fact ensures that your hair is getting no more heat than needed!<\/p>\n

Use the right shampoo for you<\/h3>\n


First off, ensure you\u2019re using the right shampoo for your hair type. Ask us in-salon to make sure you\u2019re using the right product for your hair. When you come to shampoo your locks, ensure you use the right amount for you. Have a play around with your hair routine until you have found the right amount for the perfect results. Also, if you tend to suffer with dry, brittle ends, limit the shampoo that reaches the tips of your hair, as it\u2019ll naturally get cleaned as you shower out the shampoo from your roots.<\/p>\n

Be kind to your hair<\/h3>\n


How you put up your hair can cause weakness\u2026choose your hair bobbles carefully so you don\u2019t have a of ring damage, where you constantly pull and twist the same area of hair. Don\u2019t leave your hair under traction or pull too tightly. One of our clients carrying a heavy computer bag on her shoulder was trapping and breaking a section of her hair. Also brush and comb carefully. Gently remove tangles with a wide-tooth comb, starting at your ends and gradually working up towards the roots.<\/p>\n

Sun protection<\/h3>\n


Just as you protect your skin from UV damage do the same for your hair. By stepping out without protection you\u2019re putting your hair at risk of fading, lack of moisture and overall distress. This leaves strands looking dull and dehydrated which can cause breakages. Longer term it gives hair premature ageing \u2013 weird we know but hair also ages, usually seen by a lack of volume. Your full great full pony tail will simply get thinner.<\/p>\n

Speak to your stylist<\/h3>\n


We know a thing or two about hair \u2013 and you should never be scared about breakage when there are so many great ways to prevent it. When you come in for your treatment, be sure to speak to your stylist about any breakage or other hair concerns you might have. We\u2019re laden with tips, tricks and hair knowledge we\u2019d love to pass onto you, so your locks can stay perfect between appointments.<\/p>\n

Here\u2019s to healthy breakage-free hair!<\/p>\n","images":[],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/our-top-tips-on-saying-no-to-hair-breakage\/"}{"title":"How often can I dye my hair?","content":"

It\u2019s the eternal question of any colour-adventurous person. The on-going battle between wanting that beautiful colour, and the worry of damaged hair. So naturally, it makes sense to discuss the frequency of hair-dyeing, and just how much is \u2018enough\u2019!<\/p>\n

While there are lots of different colouring options available to you, the most important thing to consider is whether or not you are looking to lighten the hair or not.<\/p>\n

Going darker essentially means adding colour – so the restrictions aren\u2019t so heavy. However, when it comes to lightening the hair, Redken\u2019s Sean Godard says\u201cWhen going lighter, you should wait four to six weeks in between colour services to maintain it and avoid too much regrowth, which can leave banding in the hair\u201d<\/p>\n

But don\u2019t fret, those of you longing for lighter locks, Godard also says that going one level lighter or darker could be possible once a week (depending on the service!). The right colour from the professionals can add lots of shine and life to your hair.<\/p>\n

We\u2019ll take care of your hair during lightening, using the best breakage-preventing products available. Just be sure to take care of your hair post-treatment, too, with\u00a0 our Fibreplex shampoos and conditioners made to preserve the beautiful colour.<\/p>\n

So, always discuss with your colour technician your options, and have a consultation so they understand your wants and can recommend the best option for you.<\/p>\n



At Barrie Stephen, we offer a colour consultation as standard backed by our Colour Responsibly Policy, so we know you\u2019ll walk out the salon feeling a million dollars.<\/p>\n

We have the most up to date colour options available for our clients safety and convenience including PPD and ammonia free hair colour and scalp protection products.<\/p>\n

Now, just to pick the perfect colour and get going!<\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/02\/Dyehair1.png"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/how-often-can-i-dye-my-hair\/"}{"title":"So, what are the differences between ombr\u00e9 and balayage?","content":"

The ombr\u00e9 and balayage \u2018looks\u2019 have caught on trend like wildfire in recent months, and we love them. The blend of darker and lighter shades adds a depth and dimension to the hair and always turns heads. We\u2019ve seen a number of celebrities rocking the looks, including Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Biel and Ciara. We\u2019ve also done a lot of these looks on some amazing clients, and the results have been nothing short of incredible!<\/p>\n

We love both of these looks, but we\u2019re often asked what are the main differences between a balayage and ombr\u00e9 hair treatment? Well, wonder no more!<\/p>\n


Ombre is the \u2018Style\u2019<\/h2>\n

Well first thing\u2019s first, the word ombr\u00e9 refers to the style that is achieved through the treatment and comes from the French word \u2018shadow\u2019. Ombr\u00e9 is colour blocking, there are no dark pieces left on the bottom to help keep it natural, just a nice transition between the colours.<\/p>\n

Although this technique is generally seen on brunettes and darker-coloured hair, blondes can also take on the look, but simply finish with a more subtle result called a sombre – but equally as gorgeous!<\/p>\n

With an ombr\u00e9 finish, you will see the gradient between both shades blend into block colours at the top and bottom of the hair. This is what makes that signature, dramatic-looking effect that is so popular.<\/p>\n

To achieve this stark dark-to-light dip-dyed look, our stylists use the balayage or hair painting technique. While the ombre is a beautiful look, it is also something that needs to be done right.<\/p>\n

In the salon right now we tend to create the more natural finish known better as balayage.<\/p>\n


Balayage is the \u2018Technique\u2019<\/h2>\n

Balayage this is a technique of highlighting the hair and gives a far more natural-looking finish. When hair is treated with the balayage technique, small parts of the hair have dye swept onto them, balayage literally means \u2018sweep\u2019 in French. \u00a0Most salons use foils or mesh for this. At Barrie Stephen our advanced team paint free-hand to create a beautiful natural finish.<\/p>\n

With balayage, sometimes known as hair painting, the lightener or hair colour is painted on in such a way to create a graduated, natural-looking effect from end to root and is all about creating beautiful blends of multi-dimensional colour. Unlike ombr\u00e9 not all of the hair length is lightened, just strands to give natural sun-kissed highlights throughout the\u00a0hair.<\/p>\n

While balayage sounds simple, the effortlessness of the look depends on the stylist\u2019s skill. Choose your stylist wisely!<\/p>\n

The transition in colour is more natural looking and generally a balayage finish is less maintenance than an ombr\u00e9 effect.<\/p>\n

Here are a few balayage finishes we\u2019ve created for our fabulous clients:<\/p>\n









If you\u2019d like to have a word with one of our team about how we can give your hair this \u201cwow\u201d factor, simply book in for a consultation on 0116 402 6222.<\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/11\/ombre3.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/so-what-are-the-differences-between-ombre-and-balayage\/"}{"title":"Leicestershire Businessman of the Year 2016","content":"

Barrie Stephen was crowned Leicestershire\u2019s Businessman of the Year at the Niche magazine awards held at Athena in Leicester on Friday 9th September, 2016. \u00a0\u00a0With the most illustrious of Leicester\u2019s business leaders vying for this title, Barrie Stephen was delighted with this important win.<\/p>\n


Celebrating 20 years in business in November 2016 this award reflects years of hard work and dedication to the hair industry and Leicester itself.<\/p>\n

The dynamic leader of our 5 salon group, Barrie won the award for his 20 collaborations with partnership businesses including the Curve Theatre, BMW, The Highcross Shopping Centre and many more. \u00a0A true networker, Barrie has harnessed the real power of business collaboration to work with the best Leicestershire individuals and enterprises for a common goal.<\/p>\n

\u201cWinning awards has been part of my business strategy since 2007, and since that time, we have finalised, and won a sensational 52 awards both locally and nationally. \u00a0With each award being significant and symbolic of the time, this local title is where it is at for me. \u00a0A Leicestershire businessman at my core and so to be honoured in this way is just incredible.\u201d \u00a0Barrie Stephen<\/b><\/p>\n

Giving back and supporting the city also extends to local charities. As Ambassador for the RSPCA Woodside Animal Centre, Barrie\u2019s fund raising mission has so far raised a staggering \u00a320,298.<\/p>\n

Lee Parkin from Niche Awards commented, \u201cBarrie is a hero of this area, for many years he has worked tirelessly to bring not only award winning hair but award winning networking and support to others, he truly is a well-deserved and inspirational Businessman of the Year as he flies the flag for our brilliant city.\u201d<\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/10\/Businessmanniche.png"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/leicestershire-businessman-of-the-year-2016\/"}{"title":"Finalist at Salon Business Awards","content":"

We at Barrie Stephen Hair celebrated this week as the newest addition to our family, BStyled, was shortlisted for the ‘Design Salon of the Year’ award for the 2016 Salon Business Awards.<\/p>\n

With hundreds of entries received, the judging panel viewed BStyled as, both, innovative and interesting, earning it a place\u00a0in the final six. She may only have been open since March but Barrie’s sassy little sister is wasting no time in making her mark.<\/p>\n

The winner will be announced at the Salon Business Awards Champagne Soiree on July 4th at London’s swanky rooftop cocktail bar, Madison’s. We’re keeping our fingers that BStyled will be taking home her first award!<\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/06\/business-Awards-logo.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/finalist-at-salon-business-awards\/"}{"title":"Barrie Stephen’s sassy little sister","content":"

At Barrie Stephen Hair we love an anniversary and this year marked our twentieth year in business. To celebrate this momentous occasion we welcomed Barrie Stephen’s sassy little sister, BStyled, to the BSH group.<\/p>\n

As salon owner number 5, she sits proudly on the up-and-coming Hotel Street, which is enjoying a period of growth and regeneration. To mark the grand opening, Leicester’s City Centre Manager, Sarah Harrison, gave a short speech on Barrie’s contribution to Leicester over the last twenty years. Barrie does love his home town!<\/p>\n


Offering the same uncompromising service that has earned Barrie Stephen Hair the tittle of Leicester’s premier salon’, BStyled is a new concept in hairdressing that is taking the industry by storm. If you haven’t visited the fantastic team at BStyled yet then you’re missing out. Book your appointment for your red carpet gorgeous hair with Barrie Stephen’s sassy little sister today!<\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/06\/opening1.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/barrie-stephens-sassy-little-sister\/"}{"title":"Bend and snap","content":"

The latest offering from the Curve theatre saw the hit musical Legally Blonde – based on the 2001 film – make its way all the way from Broadway to Leicester.<\/p>\n


Coinciding with the grand opening of the latest addition to the Barrie Stephen Hair Group, BStyled, the show opened on Thursday April 14th. The fantastic show saw The X-Factor’s very own Lucie Jones as the lead, Elle Woods, and Hollyoake’s dashing Danny Mac as Warner Huntington III.<\/p>\n

As official sponsors, the team at BStyled had the pleasure of offering their glamorous services to guests on the Barrie Stephen Pop-up Salon as they waited for the show to start. And since we love our clients so much they all walked away with goodie bags filled with Kerastase products.<\/p>\n

To show our appreciation for such a fantastic show, we invited the entire cast into BStyled on Tuesday April 26th for a luxury VIP pampering session. The girls enjoyed cuts and colours whilst the boys enjoyed some first class grooming from our expert barbers. What a fabulous afternoon this was as they received the full Barrie Stephen experience.<\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/05\/legalyblonde1.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/bend-and-snap\/"}{"title":"A night at the Theatre","content":"

As official sponsors of the Hairspray UK musical at the Curve Theatre in Leicester, Barrie Stephen Hair added their special hairdressing touch to the press night this week on Tuesday the 15th of September.<\/p>\n

It wasn\u2019t only the smash hit show that guests and the local press could look forward to, as Barrie put on a pop-up salon pre-show where four stylists were on hand offering hair styling to everybody as they waited for the show to start which went down a storm, with guests queuing up to sit in the hot seat! In keeping with the Hairspray theme, plenty of 60\u2019s inspired styling was being created with glamorous beehives, Hollywood waves and lots of volume.<\/p>\n


Each guest that came by were also gifted a Barrie Stephen goodie bag full of Schwarzkopf Professional products. Barrie welcomed his VIP guests, including X-Factor winner Sam Bailey who visited the pop-up salon for a speedy spruce-up, with performances from a live Motown band and complimentary drinks in the VIP lounge as they relaxed and mingled, the excitement for the show building.<\/p>\n


Hairspray the Musical, based on the 1988 film, is currently into its 10 day stint at the Curve theatre for second time, launching a brand new UK tour. Starring Tony Maudsley from ITV\u2019s Benidorm, Claire Sweeney and Blue Peter\u2019s Peter Duncan, it hosts a star studded cast.<\/p>\n

Barrie Stephen says, \u201cI absolutely love being involved with this fantastic show! I\u2019m thrilled to be a sponsor for the second year running and I love supporting the Curve and seeing the local press get involved. And of course, I was proud to see my incredible team making the guests look fabulous ready for the fabulous show!\u201d<\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/09\/curve4-e1457608281212.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/a-night-at-the-theatre\/"}{"title":"Winner of National Award","content":"

We\u2019re absolutely thrilled to have won Retail Salon of the year at this year\u2019s British Hairdressing Business Awards! Our entry was judged by a panel of industry professionals on our policies and procedures of retailing, incentives, training opportunities, in salon promotions and our whole philosophy surrounding the Barrie Stephen hair home care service.<\/p>\n



\u201cI am so proud of the salon for all their hard work when it comes to hair care in the salon. I\u2019m an advocate for top quality products and want to ensure that we are offering the best possible service to our clients. We won the same award back in 2011 so it\u2019s fantastic that we\u2019re still on point when it comes to hair care. Awards are an important part of being recognised for work that you do, and it is just great for the team, our clients and Leicester to be able to shout about this city and our work and bring awards home!\u201d<\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/09\/bhba15barrie2-e1457608320497.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/winner-of-national-award\/"}{"title":"Barrie Stephen crowned Team of the Year at National Awards","content":"

Thousands of entries made for stiff competition but entrants were whittled down to five finalists in each category, with Barrie Stephen taking the trophy for Salon Team of the Year 2015.<\/p>\n

Team activities have been part of the Barrie Stephen culture for 20 years and their associations across Leicestershire outreach to charities, the arts, hospitals, hospices, RSPCA, women’s shelters and homeless refuges. These associations come from the
\nteam and are owned by the team. By doing so much for others in their hairdressing work, the team have become part of the fabric of their beloved city and region and are the go to salon for opportunities.<\/p>\n

They work together on Curve Theatre hairspray events, and have a team of 10 who go to events like Pride, Summer Sundae Festivals and city centre shopping areas with the pop-up salon and take the Barrie Stephen brand of red carpet hairdressing out of the salon and onto the streets.<\/p>\n


\u201cI\u2019m so thrilled to be taking this award back to the salon! To be able to say that my brilliant team are the best in the country is incredible, I couldn\u2019t be prouder. It\u2019s not only great to have all the work we do in the community recognised, but it also goes to show what can be achieved when you work as a team,\u201d said Barrie.<\/span><\/strong><\/span><\/em><\/p>\n



 <\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/07\/sb101-e1457608328421.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/barrie-stephen-crowned-team-of-the-year-at-national-awards\/"}{"title":"The Dating App for Men With Beards","content":"

We were told in 2014 that we had reached \u201cpeak beard\u201d and that the reign of facial hair was over, but if anything, beards are still booming, particularly on social network sites such as Instagram where the rugged hipster look still dominates.<\/p>\n

Women swoon while those who can\u2019t grow their own suffer the sad symptoms of beard envy. The beard boom was supposedly reignited by celebrities including George Clooney and Ben Affleck at the BAFTAs in early 2013. Since then facial fuzz has flourished, especially in areas such as east London where facial grooming in salons has replaced the declining sales of razors.Facial hair has always been another fashion trend that has risen and fallen throughout history.<\/p>\n

In the early 1900s facial hair was associated with wealth, intellect and masculinity and the beard era peaked during the Victorian era with handlebar moustaches being particularly popular. Fashion faded however and later on in the century a clean shaven look became more favourable, especially as razor company Gillette began sprinkling society with ads featuring beard-free men looking clean and healthy.<\/p>\n

The past few years has once again seen the return of the manicured moustache and statement beard alongside an increase in facial hair products such as oils and waxes. The beard has once again become a symbol for masculinity as males fight to outbeard each other. Yet it also represents the sensitive, modern man. The beard is a delicate space where men can preen themselves to their heart\u2019s content, almost becoming the male\u2019s version of a female\u2019s visit to the hairdressers.<\/p>\n

Thanks to social media we also now have a delightful dating app dedicated to bearded men and beard enthusiasts alike. The name of this app is called Bristlr <\/a>and is basically a Tinder for pogonophiles (anyone who loves a good beard). Men here look to be \u201cpetted\u201d by \u201cbeard strokers\u201d but that\u2019s all you will find on most profiles. It seems that the beard has somehow become a substitute for personality as most men simply use their profile to reaffirm prospective suitors that yes, they have a beard and yes, they are looking for a beard loving individual.<\/p>\n

Occasionally we are treated to the knowledge that travelling and tattoos are also avid interests for the average bearded gent. Usernames such as BeardyTom, GingerJesus and Beard4U are also fairly popular, but again, don\u2019t give much away.It\u2019s fair to say that the beard boat hasn’t sailed just yet and why should it? After all, beards are just one more way the modern man can embrace British heritage. Our Barbers Lounge<\/a> is one place where you can indulge in a rich, traditional British experience. Barber shops have always been an important fabric of British culture, particularly for relaxing and socialising, so come and check out our lounge for the ultimate pampering experience for you and your beard.<\/p>\n

barriestephenhair.co.uk\/barbers-lounge<\/a><\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/05\/Barrie_beard.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/the-dating-app-for-men-with-beards\/"}{"title":"The Rise of the Wob","content":"

Thinking of changing up your hairstyle? The \u2018wob\u2019 (wavy bob) is the latest fashionable \u2018do to be seen on all the celebs. This effortless, youthful look is easy to achieve and suits any face shape.<\/p>\n

With the wob, natural looking waves are the way to go. Make sure not to make your curls too tight, or you could end up looking like your grandma! Those with naturally wavy hair will love this style as all you need to do is add a bit of texture to your tousled tresses. For those with straight hair, the same look can be achieved with a little work from a curling iron. Remember not to curl every strand and to only curl small sections. We are going for carefree and au naturel, so keep this in mind. The great thing about the wob is that you can get away with just rolling out of bed and hardly doing anything with your hair. This can only be achieved, though, with lots of mascara and red lippy or you could look a bit too \u2018bed head\u2019! Experiment with smoky eyes to achieve an edgier style.<\/p>\n

When getting this haircut, I recommend the length being between the chin and shoulders. This will really accentuate your features and give the appearance of a slimmer jawline and larger eyes. I would also suggest going for a richer hair colour to further define your features and the dimensions of this feminine haircut. Another benefit to this style is that it can easily be styled and straightened into a sleek regular bob, so it is very versatile.<\/p>\n

There are so many A-listers with this style at the moment. Those who have pulled it off best include Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Sienna Miller and Kim Kardashian! This look is perfect for anyone wanting to go for a look that softens the features, but also gives you a grown up edge!<\/p>\n


Celebrities love this look as it is so easy to manage and is also easy to grow out. To maintain this look, just get a trim every 6-8 weeks. Invest in some great products, such as sea salt spray, dry wax spray and a frizz eliminator.<\/p>\n


With the wob, you can take it from day to night and never have a bad hair day again! You can also expect lots of compliments and comments on how young and stylish you look.<\/p>\n

Image credits:<\/p>\n



 <\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/05\/wob1-e1457608161810.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/the-rise-of-the-wob\/"}{"title":"How To Combat Dry Hair This Summer With Essential Oils","content":"

Summer can be a brutal time for our lovely locks. The combination of sun, chlorine and saltwater seems like the perfect environment in our minds, but our hair will be dreading the consequences! It\u2019s important to minimise the impact that harsh summer heat can have on our hair, and one way you can do this is through the power of essential oils:<\/p>\n

Moringa, Abyssinian, Safflower and Olive Oil
\nThis is an irresistible combination of oils enriched with antioxidants that will lock in moisture and radiance while strengthening your hair with every application. As this is a light-weight combination, nourishing Shea Butter can be added to create the perfect oil therapy leaving your hair beautifully smooth and weightless all year round. The essential oils mentioned can be found in Eufora\u2019s Smooth’n<\/strong> range under Oil Therapy.<\/p>\n

Summer Tip<\/strong>:\u00a0For a pre-holiday hair appointment, your stylist can use the recommended shampoo for this range followed by a towel dry. Then you can apply your essential oil product in a towel wrap for 10 minutes before rinsing and applying the recommended conditioner.<\/span><\/p>\n

Camelia, Argan, Maize and Pracaxi Oil<\/strong><\/p>\n

These oils include vital ingredients for soft and smooth hair including vitamin E, behenic acid and essential omegas which will enhance the quality of your hair fibres by giving them the nourishment and protection they need. The rich combination will hydrate your hair and promote vitality, leaving it feeling shiny, supple and weightless. You can find the above oils at Kerastase under Elixir Ultime.<\/p>\n

Summer Tip<\/strong>: For treatment at home, use the same method of applying your stylist\u2019s recommended shampoo followed by the essential oil product for that range. Then wring a soaked towel and place into the microwave for a couple of minutes to heat up (caution: this will be very hot). Wrap your hair in the hot towel which will intensify your home ritual.<\/p>\n

Kukui, Argan, Neem and Cranberry Oil<\/strong><\/p>\n

This luxurious complex will provide exceptional benefits for your hair, skin and scalp as it contains a sumptuous mix of vitamins and minerals for a non-greasy, silky finish. Due to the perfect balance of fatty acids in this combination it can be used to rejuvenate a dry scalp by providing just the right amount of moisture absorption when used as a leave-in treatment. The above essential oils can be found at Eufora\u2019s Nourish range under Beautifying Serum.<\/p>\n

Summer Tip<\/strong>: Prior to swimming in the sea or pool on holiday, saturate your hair with water then apply your essential oil product to protect the salt or chlorinated water from damaging your hair. Also apply your essential oil product after being in the sea or pool to prevent the UVA and UVB rays from drying your hair out.<\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2013\/06\/nadia-smooth_jpg_344x465_crop_upscale_q85-jpeg-300x410_q85.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/how-to-combat-dry-hair-this-summer-with-essential-oils\/"}{"title":"How often do you wash your hair?","content":"

Kim Kardashian was the latest celebrity to admit that she doesn\u2019t wash her hair regularly, joining celebrities like Lorde, Adele, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Simpson in a hairvolution focusing on restoring and making the most of the natural oils found in our hair and scalp.<\/p>\n

Barrie Stephen Hair<\/a> and babynames.co.uk<\/a>\u00a0were put to the task to ask the question\u00a0\u201cHow often do you wash your hair?\u201d. \u00a0The response revealed that the UK isn\u2019t as freshly washed as many think.<\/p>\n

In the poll of 1,547 parents on the site, a surprising 12% admitted to washing their hair only once every five days, or even waiting even longer to wash their locks.<\/p>\n

In a recent interview with Into the Gloss<\/a>, Kim revealed that her hair routine was a lot more low maintenance than most would believe.<\/p>\n

\u201cWe start out with a blowout on day one,\u201d Kim told the beauty site, \u201cthen we go into a messier vibe the next day, and then we flat-iron it and do a really sleek look on day three since that requires a little oil in the hair. Day four could be a slicked-back ponytail, and on the fifth day is when you wash it.\u201d<\/p>\n

28% of responders washed their hair daily, and the poll was topped by a majority of 35% who said they washed their hair every other day.\u00a0A quarter of those polled washed their hair every 3 to 4 days.<\/p>\n

Image credit:\u00a0www.dailymail.co.uk<\/em><\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/05\/Kim-Kardashian.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/how-often-should-you-wash-your-hair\/"}{"title":"London Fashion Week","content":"

Last Monday saw myself: James @KingSt, and Annie @Anstey travel down to London to style hair at this seasons LondonFashion Week #LFW.<\/p>\n

We was to be assisting Sam Burnett\u00a0 backstage for the Autumn\/ Winter 2015\/2016 runway of Canadian born designer Thomas Tait at the University of Westminster.<\/p>\n

Our call time was 1pm, ready for the show to start at 4pm, so we travelled down that morning as it wasn’t a too early start – we still had to leave at 9am!<\/p>\n

Once we arrived we joined the hair team of about 17 and was told by Sam on the vision of the show and brief for the model’s hair:- UNDONE ASPIRATIONAL HAIR.<\/p>\n



We started off by drying a salt spray into the root areas to add a subtle dry texture and dull off some of the natural shine in the hair.<\/p>\n

Once dried we them found the natural parting in the hair and disjointed the line so it wasn’t a clean sharp part, keeping the hair feeling undone.<\/p>\n


The models were instructed to come with as cleaner hair as possible, however 90% of them came from other shows and their hair was full of previous products – some had to be washed so we could start a fresh.<\/p>\n

A medium tong was then used to create soft bends and folds to mimic that of natural texture to the girls who’s hair was straight and to define those that already had texture to their hair.<\/p>\n

We then used a lightweight holding spray before the hair was clipped up around the face with cards and tissue ready for make up.<\/p>\n

Overall there was approximately 36 models to get through, however these was a steady flow as they arrived keeping the tension backstage to a minimal.<\/p>\n

Around 2:30 the models had their dress rehearsal which allowed us time to grab some food that we had all been eying up since we had arrived – typical hair dressers always worrying about their stomachs.<\/p>\n

At 4 they were all dressed and ready to hit the runway with then the dressing team going into panic as this the crucial moment before the collection in put out into the the world of fashion for the first times nod rumours began circulating that Kanye West was amongst the audience wait out the front and you could feel the adrenaline in the room As cameras flashed and video cameras was in everyone’s face asking them about the show and trying to get their first glimpse of the clothing, hair and makeup.<\/p>\n


After 20 minutes it was all over and there was a real buzz of success as we all cheered and applauded everyone one their hardworking and commitment.<\/p>\n


It was true, Kanye West was in the audience and he came backstage to congratulate and speak to the designer and I did mange to get a picture of him. It would be rude not too!!!<\/p>\n


 <\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/03\/james7.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/london-fashion-week\/"}{"title":"Woodside RSPCA Volunteering","content":"

Hi guys, I am Daren Future Professional at Barrie Stephen Ashby.


\"rspcaoli1\"Oliver who is Future Professional from the Barrie Stephen Anstey salon and myself had the opportunity to volunteer for Woodside RSPCA Leicester.We had such an eventful day at the RSPCA, the team there were so welcoming and great full that team members of Barrie Stephen had gone along to give a help in hand, as any help really goes along.<\/p>\n


Our day couldn’t have gone any better at Woodside taking 6 cats off there hands, playing with them giving them attention and some loving care they needed. We really felt that we played an amazing part\u00a0looking after Chewey, Peanut, Pepper, Lanaster, Jonesey and Tigerous, as doing so gives the cats confidence to be around different members of the public making it a lot easier for the to be rehomed.<\/p>\n




Thanks Woodside for having us.\u00a0Darren & Oliver<\/p>\n

 <\/p>\n","images":[],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/woodside-rspca-volunteering\/"}{"title":"Latest Incredible Hair Dye Technique Will Make Your Hair Look Like Pixels","content":"

\"ScreenAfter ombre took over the hair world in 2014, a new hair dye trend has appeared in 2015 – though you certainly won\u2019t be able to do this one at home!<\/p>\n

Created by the Madrid-based creative salon X-pression, the look, dubbed xpressionpixel, is about layering perfect squares of dyed hair to create a pixelated effect.<\/p>\n

<\/center>A mixture of looking futuristic and super retro at the same time, this revolutionary dying technique was invented by three colourists who like to push the boundaries of what dye can do. This is a big step up from highlights and ombre!<\/p>\n

The technique is quickly being picked up across the world, with salons in New York and London offering xpressionpixel-style dye jobs. The salon is currently making a webinar to help alternative hairdressers perfect the difficult technique.<\/p>\n

Revlon Professional even featured pixellated hair in their Winter 2014 \u2018Neon\u2019 campaign, which was heavily influenced by the 1980s sci-fi style of Tron and Blade Runner. The campaign perfectly matched the retro-futuristic pixel technique!<\/p>\n

The bold, blocky highlights, often in bright colours, is a really cool and fun effect, but be wary that the look won\u2019t last long, and will look messy when it grows out.<\/p>\n

The look suits straight, sleek hair, and will apply well to styles that are well structured, like a bob.<\/p>\n

\"pixel<\/a><\/center>Just make sure you don\u2019t go out in the wind!<\/p>\n

Image Sources:<\/p>\n

brit.co<\/a><\/p>\n","images":[],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/latest-incredible-hair-dye-technique-will-make-your-hair-look-like-pixels\/"}{"title":"Pro Collagen Quartz Lift Booster Facial","content":"

Celebrating 25 years of Elemis skincare excellence we have got a treat for you with our Pro Collagen Quartz Lift Booster Facial for younger looking skin. Leiganne & Lauren our beauticians are looking forward to seeing you for your 45 min treatment at only \u00a330.<\/p>\n

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkle depth by up to 78%, and increase hydration and moisture levels by up to 45%<\/p>\n

To book your luxury treatment for younger looking skin call The Beauty Lounge on 0844 445 2888<\/p>\n

This offer is available until 31.03.2015<\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/02\/pro-collagen-feb.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/pro-collagen-quartz-lift-facial\/"}{"title":"The Hairvolution of One Direction","content":"

It’s strange to think the One Direction boys have only been in our lives for a short few years, it feels like they’ve been with us forever!<\/p>\n

We had a look at how One Direction’s hair has transformed from their mop tops on 2010’s seventh series of X Factor to what we see today. There’s been ups (Zayn’s shocking white highlights) and downs (when Liam shaved his head clean with no warning!), but they’ve certainly never been boring when it comes to trying out hairstyles!<\/p>\n

From Niall’s blonde quiff to Harry’s trademark curls, here is our breakdown of the Hairvolution of One Direction!<\/p>\n

\"One<\/a><\/center><\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/02\/Barrie_One-Direction-Hairvolution-Infographic-header.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/the-hairvolution-of-one-direction\/"}{"title":"Barrie’s Got Talent Award","content":"

The Barrie Stephen Hair Team came together to celebrate and recognise team members and there outstanding achievements throughout the year.<\/p>\n

Over a hundred and fifty family and friends attended the evening which was held at the Colourworks Restaurant Leicester.<\/p>\n




 <\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/02\/bgt08.png"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/barries-got-talent-award\/"}{"title":"Glamorous Grey – Why The Coolest Stars are Going For Granny Chic","content":"

Gone are the days of desperately trying to cover your greys. ‘Antique Grey’ is one of the new shades being requested by many of the coolest stars trying to rock the granny look. Among those sporting the new trend is the youngest of the Kardashian gang, Kylie Jenner, who spent 12 hours in the hairdresser achieving her luscious silver locks.<\/p>\n

\"kylie<\/a><\/center>The 17 year old fashion icon isn’t the only celeb jumping on the bandwagon. \u201cGirls\u201d star Zosia Mamet, who plays Shoshanna on the show, originally wanted to experiment with violet hair but decided to opt for a more mature style after her hairdresser told her that she would look childish. Her feelings about her new look: \u201cI’m still getting used to it; I think it’s cool\u201d.<\/p>\n

\"Zosia\"<\/a><\/center>Perhaps a less surprising fan of the colour is slightly more daring Kelly Osbourne who revealed on her Mother’s chat show that she’s \u201calways wanted to be young and have grey hair\u201d. Her view is that, being 27, she only has three years left to experiment and have fun.<\/p>\n

But why only go grey when you’re really young or really old? Singer, Pink, 35, looks just as glamorous with the icy shade.<\/p>\n

It’s also not just the female stars embracing what Mother Nature has to offer. Radio and TV presenter, George Lamb, 35, started going grey at 19 and decided to let it become his signature thing: \u201c…I thought ‘Oh God, what’s going on?’ But I embraced it and went with it.\u201d<\/p>\n

\"George-Lamb\"<\/a><\/center>When grey is usually associated with the dull English weather and dare I say, ‘the elderly’, it’s to be expected that when it comes to hair the colour is being referred to as many things, ranging from ‘silver’ to ‘icy’ and ‘arctic’.<\/p>\n

Not only offering an interesting juxtaposition, young people going grey may also be seen as a twisted, rebellious way of defying growing old by taking action themselves on when to go grey rather than waiting for nature to take its course!<\/p>\n

With other starlets snapped with unicorn-esque grey locks such as Rihanna, Orange is the New Black\u2019s Dascha Polanco and model, Charlotte Free, it will be no surprise if more celebs decide to follow in their footsteps in 2015.<\/p>\n

\"Dasha\"<\/a><\/center>Image sources:<\/strong><\/p>\n




NYmag.com<\/a><\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/01\/Dasha.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/glamorous-grey-why-the-coolest-stars-are-going-for-granny-chic\/"}{"title":"Ariana Grande\u2019s Hair Problem","content":"

America\u2019s newest sweetheart, Ariana Grande, has gone from strength to strength in 2014 with the release of her second album My Everything, and that killer duet with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj, \u2018Bang Bang\u2019. Whilst Ariana\u2019s music has evolved, her image hasn\u2019t, with her signature ponytail being her chosen hairstyle for all of her public appearances. But why does Ari stick to this single style?<\/p>\n

HAIR PROBLEMS<\/strong><\/p>\n

Ariana\u2019s career started on the Nickelodeon show Victorious, where she played the red haired student, Cat Valentine. In an extensive Facebook post earlier this year, Ariana explained to fans that the role had required her to bleach and dye her hair every fortnight in order to maintain the vibrancy of Cat\u2019s hair, causing irreversible damage to her hair.<\/p>\n

In the same post she went on to explain that her real hair is now back to it\u2019s natural brown, and that she wears extensions. However she also added that she wears it in a ponytail because her \u201c\u2026actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd\u2026\u201d<\/p>\n

HAIRY SOLUTIONS<\/strong><\/p>\n

In light of her hair problems, Ariana has turned hair accessories to tidy up her look. Claiming wigs look ridiculous and that a weave made her want to rip her scalp off, it seems that she is yet to find a solution that allows her to let her hair down without using fake alternatives.<\/p>\n

NEW IDEAS<\/strong><\/p>\n

Whilst the ponytail look has provided Ariana with a comfortable style for her public outings, we have a couple of tips that could give her \u2013 and others with similar hair dilemmas \u2013 the confidence to let her hair down once in a while!<\/p>\n

1) Avoid the ponytail \u2013 The elastics used in creating the ponytail style put unnecessary stress on the hair, which can cause trauma to the roots and eventually hair loss. Avoid the pony and similar styles for quicker,
\nhealthier hair growth \u2013 we\u2019re looking at you, Ari!<\/p>\n

2) Occasional use of hot styling tools \u2013 Got a free day with no commitment? Use that day to give your hair a rest from heated tools. We\u2019re sure that you\u2019re well aware of the damage that these tools can do (split ends, breakage, etc) \u2013 and if hairs break off, that means less hair on your head. Avoid tools every so often for thicker, fuller hair.<\/p>\n

3) Visit the doctor \u2013 Whilst haircare plays a large part in counteracting hair loss, an underlying health condition can also be a cause. Alopecia is a surprisingly common condition, and your GP will be able to offer medication by way of tablets, lotions or injections to encourage hair growth. If you suspect that you may have a hair loss condition, pay them a visit- you may just find a solution!<\/p>\n

\"Ariana\"<\/a><\/center>Image Source:<\/strong><\/p>\n

Rollingstone.com<\/a><\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/12\/Ariana.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/ariana-grandes-hair-problem\/"}{"title":"Is the Man Bun Trend Great or Grim?","content":"

As hairstyles go, the man bun trend is certainly one of the most notable in 2014. Top stars such as Colin Farrell, Harry Styles and Leonardo Di Caprio were all seen rocking the man bun this year, starting a trend amongst the everyday males.<\/p>\n

If you want to take on the man bun look, here are our top tips for creating the style and keeping it maintained.<\/p>\n

Chop and Trim<\/strong><\/p>\n

Many long-haired male celebs don the bun as shortcut to a slicked back look for their public appearances. However an easy way to adopt a more stylish man bun is to close shave the back and sides of your hair, whilst leaving your locks long on top.<\/p>\n

Once you have achieved your initial look, it is essential to keep it maintained. Regular trims at the Barrie Stephen Barber Lounge are a must \u2013 and don\u2019t forget to snip off those split ends for a healthier looking bun!<\/p>\n

Keep it fresh!<\/strong><\/p>\n

All long hairstyles require frequent washing to keep them looking clean and attractive \u2013 there\u2019s nothing worse than greasy \u2018chip pan\u2019 hair! Give your hair a thorough wash with shampoo every other day to keep it smelling and looking great. Follow-up with a quality conditioner, to add moisture and softness too.<\/p>\n

Keep grease at bay whilst on the go by spritzing dry shampoo at the roots; massage into the scalp with your finger tips for best results, before tying up into a bun.<\/p>\n

The right accessories<\/strong><\/p>\n

Hair elastics are key to achieving the man bun, and we recommend purchasing thin, fabric covered bands for the best effect. Using bands that aren\u2019t covered in fabric can create unnecessary pain and damage when tying up or letting down hair, as the rubber tugs on the hair strands. Fabric bands offer pain-free styling, and are much kinder to hair.<\/p>\n

Some stores stock bands in colours close to natural brunette, blonde or red tones, so buy these where possible for a seamless, coordinated style.<\/p>\n

Style it up!<\/strong><\/p>\n

Our top tip for styling a man bun is to position the bun on the crown of the head. Here, the bun remains noticeable without being as prominent as the top knot style that is popular amongst females.<\/p>\n

Man buns have very much divided the nations thoughts, however here\u2019s what Michael, a barber at the Barrie Stephen Barber Lounge, thinks of this trend: “Guys If you want to follow the man bun trend then my advice is the more natural the better no one wants to look like an iced bun with a cherry on top, keep it relaxed and simple”.<\/p>\n

\"Colin<\/a><\/center>Image Source:<\/p>\n


Hji.co.uk<\/a><\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/12\/Leo-Bun.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/is-the-man-bun-trend-great-or-grim\/"}{"title":"Does K\u00e9rastase Elixir Live up to the Hype?","content":"

Winter has arrived, and we all know how damaging the cooler weather can be to our hair. If your hair has a tendency to become brittle and dull at this time of year, fear not, as K\u00e9rastase\u2019s Elixir hair oil is the perfect remedy to all hair woes!<\/p>\n

Elixir is one of our most-used products in the salon, and we frequently recommend it to our clients \u2013 particularly over the festive period where their hair needs to look its best \u2013 and here\u2019s why…<\/p>\n


Most hair oils offer only one or two benefits, however K\u00e9rastase\u2019s Elixir Ultime is much more than a typical hair oil.<\/p>\n

Elixir Ultime is a multi-use oil that can be used either before or after styling to promote dazzling shine, deep conditioning and that much-needed nourishment \u2013 three key steps to preventing dull and lifeless locks.<\/p>\n

The oil not only adds softness, strength and smoothness but also encourages cellular renewal, to keep hair at the peak of perfection by restoring fibres and protecting the hair strands from damage caused by heat styling or simply the undesirable British weather!<\/p>\n

KEY INGREDIENTS<\/strong><\/p>\n

K\u00e9rastase\u2019s Elixir Ultime oil combines four key ingredients into an Oleo-Complexe for the ultimate hair makeover – regardless of your hair type!<\/p>\n

Maize Oil gives hair the essential anti-oxidant active ingredients required to promote ultimate shine. Pracaxi Oil offers deep nourishment and conditioning to strengthen hair strands, whilst Camellia Oil smoothes the microscopic fibres of the hair. The nation\u2019s current favourite hair product Argan Oil helps strengthens the hair strands, and shields hair from further damage caused by the freezing weather.<\/p>\n

HOW TO USE<\/strong><\/p>\n

As mentioned earlier, Elixir is a multi-use product that can be used both pre or post your usual hair-wash routine.<\/p>\n

We advise our clients to use 2-4 pumps of the oil per use, dependent on the length of their hair. Warm the product in your palms and then lightly massage into the hair from root to tip.<\/p>\n

If using pre-wash, apply to brushed hair and rinse before resuming your usual hair wash routine. If post-wash, apply to towel-dried hair in the same way prior to blow-drying.<\/p>\n

Alternatively, you can use Elixir as finishing oil \u2013 simply work into the ends of styled hair to soften frizz and create smoothness. Elixir can also be use to reduce frizz created by the day\u2019s activities.<\/p>\n

LIVE UP TO THE HYPE?<\/strong><\/p>\n

K\u00e9rastase Elixir Ultime is definitely one of our most used products in the salons, and is certainly one of our most recommended products to clients battling with unruly hair on a daily basis. Elixir Ultime is very much a luxury product, but is a great all-rounder that works absolute wonders on all types of hair \u2013 particularly during the winter months!<\/p>\n

Don\u2019t forget to pick up a bottle from a Barrie Stephen salon after your next consultation, for \u00a335.50.<\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/12\/elixir.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/does-kerastase-elixir-live-up-to-the-hype\/"}{"title":"WINNER OF ULTIMATE SALON IN NATIONAL AWARDS","content":"

Thousands of entries made for stiff competition but the entrants were whittled down to five finalists in each category, with Barrie Stephen taking the trophy for Ultimate Salon sponsored by TIGI.<\/b><\/span><\/p>\n

I have\u00a0recently refreshed the Leicester salon into a big city, glamorous space, it\u2019s clear to see why Barrie Stephen Hair beat the competition. Opting for off-white contemporary d\u00e9cor complemented by porcelain tiles, striped vinyl and hard-wearing walnut flooring, the salon oozes style and elegance. An illuminated colour-changing staircase is one of the main features, which leads to the mezzanine level and adds colour to the otherwise monochrome environment. A splash of colour comes from the waiting chairs and ever-present extravagant floral displays, and the latest additions of Colour Lounge and Barbers Lounge add an extra special experience for all clients. <\/span>\"banner3\"<\/a><\/span><\/span><\/p>\n

The focus of the salon is on delivering an exquisite environment that embraces the history of the building, the established \u2018red carpet hairdressing\u2019 brand of Barrie Stephen and celebrating the abundance of light from the atrium that first attracted Barrie 10 years ago. The business reflects Barrie\u2019s philosophy, aspirations and personality in the design.\u00a0\u201cI\u2019m a very positive person, and life is about being enjoyed, so this element of fun and vibrancy had to be incorporated along with boutique hotel stylishness,\u201d said Barrie. \u201cI\u2019m so glad that this has paid off and Salon Business thought it was worthy of an award too!\u201d<\/span><\/span><\/p>\n


 <\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/12\/salonbusiness2.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/winner-of-ultimate-salon-in-national-awards\/"}{"title":"Ali Lake Blog takeover","content":"

Hi Everyone,<\/p>\n

I\u2019m Ali Lake, Salon Co-Ordinator at Barrie Stephen Hair in Anstey.<\/p>\n

Last week Friday 12th<\/sup> December I had the ultimate pleasure of spending the morning out of my comfort zone working at The Woodside Animal Centre, RSPCA Leicester and what an amazing fulfilling experience it was.<\/p>\n

Upon arrival and slightly nervous my apprehension was soon put to rest as I received a warm welcome from Lara and John, a lovely elderly gentleman who himself has been volunteering for the past 4 years. So, after a brief chat and a quick cup of tea we soon got to work\u2026\u2026and when I say work I truly mean work! \"Ali3\"<\/a><\/p>\n

My initial task was to help clean out the 30 something cat pens; this included mopping, putting down clean newspaper, changing bedding and finally giving them some nice fresh food and water. However, being a complete cat lover I soon found myself not wanting to leave each pen and had my jumper been slightly bigger the thought of rehoming all these beautiful cats did cross my mind, hence why each pen took slightly longer than usual to clean!<\/p>\n

The best part of my day was spent playing with some of the residents. There was \u2018Star\u2019, a young, energetic and athletic adorable male. Followed by \u2018Szuster\u2019 & \u2018Morris\u2019 two slightly shy domestic cats and finally there was \u2018Fluff\u2019 an adorable 9 year old that I couldn\u2019t let go of. As you can imagine I fell in love with all of them and wanted to take them all home.<\/p>\n


Finally, it was time to say my goodbyes to a wonderful dedicated team of staff & volunteers, not to mention all those gorgeous cats. So, having donated some much needed bedding I departed with a huge lump in my throat having had one of the best experiences of my life.<\/p>\n

Thank you for having me and I can\u2019t wait to return again soon\u2026\u2026..but next time with a much bigger jumper!<\/p>\n

Ali Lake<\/p>\n

Salon Co-Ordinator & cat lover extraordinaire\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026.<\/p>\n




 <\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/12\/Ali1.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/ali-lake-blog-takeover\/"}{"title":"How to Achieve Gorgeous Christmas Party Hair","content":"

Tis\u2019 the season to be fabulous! This month, the salons have been abuzz with clients discussing their ideas for Christmas party style, and with our own team party coming up, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take a look at some of my favourite festive styles.<\/p>\n

Glamourous Volume<\/h2>\n

\"volume\"<\/a><\/center>A gorgeous party style that never goes out of fashion is voluminous hair falling in soft, bouncy waves. To achieve this look, section the hair so you have a bottom, middle and top layer going around you head. Clip the middle and top layer out of the way. For large bouncy curls, take a section of hair around 3 inches wide and take a large radial brush (the rounded brush with bristles), start at the ends of the hair section and wrap the hair around the brush until it has reached the root, for those enviable waves make sure you wrap the hair outwards, away from your face. Blow dry for around 30 seconds on a warm setting and then 20 seconds on cool, before pulling gently on the handle whilst twisting slightly to remove the brush from the hair whilst retaining the curl.<\/p>\n

Do this the whole way around each of the 3 sections, then shake out the curls and finish with a swipe of hairspray.<\/p>\n

If you\u2019re in a hurry or just fancy being pampered, remember our blow dry bar! We offer salon perfect blow drys which can be booked at your convenience – you can even enjoy a glass of wine as we work our magic and get you set for your Christmas party!<\/p>\n

The Stylish Festive Hair Accessory<\/h2>\n

The days of wrapping a bit of tinsel around your ponytail are firmly over, but there is a far more stylish alternative for those who want to incorporate a little festive cheer into their hairstyle for the Christmas party. Ribbons can be used in all manner of ways, from plaiting them into your hair to creating a simple band to set off a messy bun. We love this graphic on 15 different ways to wear a ribbon in your hair;<\/p>\n


The Gibson Tuck<\/h2>\n

This gorgeous style worn by the likes of Kate Middleton is known as the Gibson Tuck. The low and relaxed updo is the perfect style this Christmas for those wishing to create a vintage look and it\u2019s really quite easy to create.<\/p>\n

We found this instructional graphic on Pinterest which perfectly outlines how to achieve this classic look.<\/p>\n

\"gibson<\/a><\/center>Have a wonderful Christmas party, whether it\u2019s a work do, a family occasion or a celebration with friends!<\/p>\n

Barrie xx<\/p>\n

Image Sources:<\/p>\n



Hairstyles-haircuts.com<\/a><\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/12\/volume.jpeg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/how-to-achieve-gorgeous-christmas-party-hair\/"}{"title":"Are we in a 90s Hair Revival?","content":"

We all know that fashion is recyclable, created in one decade and recreated in the next – and hair trends operate in the same way.<\/p>\n

Right now, it seems that the most iconic hairstyles from the 90s are making a return. That\u2019s right \u2013 the scrunchie, the high pony and the infamous \u2018Rachel\u2019 are coming back to a salon near you!<\/p>\n

THE RACHEL<\/strong>
\nFirst worn by: Rachel Green, Friends (played by Jennifer Aniston)
\nRecently worn by: Rachel Stevens, S Club 7<\/p>\n

\"the<\/a><\/center>From one Rachel to another! S Club 7 hottie Rachel Stevens recently revived \u2018the Rachel\u2019, just in time for the 90s group\u2019s reunion on this year\u2019s Children In Need. Whilst old school Rachel kept her look bouncy and short, modern Rachel modernised the look by wearing it at length, with the same volume at the roots and slightly longer layers around the face.<\/p>\n

\nFirst worn by: Actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
\nRecently worn by: Songstress Pixie Lott<\/p>\n

\"olsen<\/a>\"pixie<\/a><\/center>America\u2019s top twins Mary-Kate and Ashley heavily popularised the scrunchie, often coordinating the accessory with their vibrant attire. Current Strictly Come Dancing favourite Pixie Lott brought the scrunchie back to the spotlight, finishing off the popular half up-half down \u2018do with this patterned hair accessory. Very cute for a casual outing between dance rehearsals!<\/p>\n

THE UMA BOB-CROP<\/strong>
\nFirst worn by: Actress Uma Thurman
\nRecently worn by: Actress Jennifer Lawrence<\/p>\n

\"uma\"<\/a><\/center>Known for her tough characters, such as Pulp Fiction\u2019s Mia Wallace and Kill Bill\u2019s The Bride, this sharp messy crop \u2018do was the perfect style for Hollywood hit girl Uma Thurman. 2014\u2019s toughest chick Jennifer Lawrence recently revived \u2018the Uma\u2019 just in time for the promotional campaign for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, updating the look with soft waves and a subtle twist, to hold back her bangs.<\/p>\n

THE JOHNNY<\/strong>
\nFirst worn by: Actor Johnny Depp
\nRecently worn by: Harry Styles, One Direction<\/p>\n

\"jonny<\/a>\"harry<\/a><\/center>90s favourite Johnny Depp had his adorable baby face somewhat matured by this gorgeous long-hair-and-trilby combination – just as Harry Styles\u2019 face is matured by the same look. Whilst Johnny\u2019s locks draw inspiration from the 90s grunge era, Harry revamps the look by cropping his locks slightly higher, and wearing his hat on the crown instead of the brow-bone, for a less formal look.<\/p>\n

THE HIGH PONY<\/strong>
\nFirst worn by: Mel C (aka Sporty Spice, Spice Girls)
\nRecently worn by: Singer Ariana Grande<\/p>\n

\"high<\/a><\/center>Sporty Spice was the pioneer of the high ponytail \u2013 coupling the style with a scrunchie no less! Current pop cutie Ariana Grande is also an ambassador for the high pony, consistently walking the red carpet with her hair held high. Whilst Sporty\u2019s pony takes on the \u2018I woke up late\u2019 vibe, Ariana\u2019s pony has a slightly more polished feel, with plenty of volume and texture to boot. BEAUTIFUL \u2013 revival done well!<\/p>\n

Image Sources:<\/strong><\/p>\n









Runrap.com<\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/11\/high-pony-tail.png"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/are-we-in-a-90s-hair-revival\/"}{"title":"Movember Infographic: Moustache Heaven Vs. Moustache Hell","content":"

\"Barrie<\/a><\/center><\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/11\/Movember.jpg"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/movember-infographic-moustache-heaven-vs-moustache-hell\/"}{"title":"Movember Styling Tips","content":"

\"movember\"<\/a><\/center>So it\u2019s that time of year again where facial fuzz becomes a must have for males everywhere – all in the name of charity. That\u2019s right, it\u2019s Movember, an awareness campaign highlighting prostate and testicular cancer \u2013 and male health in general\u2013 all through the power of the moustache.<\/p>\n

If you\u2019re becoming a Mo Bro this month, here is my advice for keeping your new facial feature neatly tamed, along with maintenance tips, should you choose to keep him!<\/p>\n

BEFORE YOU START: Choose your new companion<\/strong><\/p>\n

After shaving your face in preparation for Movember (the first rule of the campaign is that you must start clean shaven), you should choose the type of moustache that you want to grow for the month. From the Wisp to the Trucker \u2018tache, all moustaches require careful styling and maintenance, so decide at the start and then craft as it grows!<\/p>\n

THE EARLY DAYS: Steam and Cleanse<\/strong><\/p>\n

You might be a Mo Bro, but skin care is just as essential for you as it is for your Mo Sistas. The early stages of \u2018tache growth can be itchy and uncomfortable, so wash your face with a hot towel daily to clean off the daily grime and deep cleanse your pores, encouraging softer hair growth. Maintain this step throughout your mo\u2019s life to keep him clean and the follicles healthy.<\/p>\n

BONUS TIP: Add a little moisturiser to your upper lip whilst growing, to keep the skin soft and supple as your moustache begins to show.<\/p>\n

FULL \u2018TACHE: Groom, groom and groom again!<\/strong><\/p>\n

Grooming is essential for moustaches. Just as your Mo Sista\u2019s groom their eyebrows, you should groom your moustache by brushing and trimming. Barber scissors and a comb are two essential tools that should feature in your toolkit, along with a well-lit mirror and a razor. Use the scissors to trim any fast-growing stray hairs \u2013 using the comb for guidance \u2013 and use the razor to remove any vast patches of stubble.<\/p>\n

BONUS TIP: Wet the hair when shaping your moustache\u2013 it is much easier cut in large chunks when damp. Just doing a quick trim? Keep it dry for a neat snip.<\/p>\n

KEEPING YOUR MO: Maintain the maintenance<\/strong><\/p>\n

Decided to keep your \u2018tache after Movember? Make sure you keep a daily maintenance regime in place. As well as the tips outlined above, you should carry out regular shampooing to see off any unwelcome dirt or leftover food. Follow the shampooing with a generous blob of conditioner, as this will soften the coarse hair of your Mo making it more comfortable to wear. No time to wash? Keep your beard clean and well-groomed on-the-go with daily brushing using a fine tooth comb.<\/p>\n

BONUS TIP:<\/strong> For extra flair, try styling your Mo\u2019 using a moustache wax, to hold the hairs in place throughout the day.<\/p>\n

For more information on the Movember campaign, visit http:\/\/uk.movember.com\/<\/a><\/p>\n","images":["http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/11\/moustache.png"],"slug":"http:\/\/barriestephenhair.co.uk\/latest-news\/movember-styling-tips\/"}{"title":"The Project Woodside Halloween Ball","content":"

The Project Woodside Halloween Ball brought an eerie vibe to the City Rooms where Leicester’s business community came together for this local and inspiring RSPCA charity project.<\/p>\n

The event mastermind was the RSPCA’s official ambassador for 2014, local entrepreneur and leading salon owner Barrie Stephen and this, his third major event for the organisation raised a total of \u00a33500 on the night.<\/p>\n

The spooky roll call goes like this:<\/p>\n