The great british barber shop at Barrie Stephens hair salon
If you want to look great, feel great, and be great, come and see us at the Barbers Lounge.

Barrie Stephen is bringing back all of the rich history and tradition of the great British barber shop, and putting his own unique modern twist on the concept with the Barbers Lounge.

The barbers shop has always played an important part in the fabric of British culture. The best barbers shops have been places to meet, talk, socialise and of course make sure you look your best. Barrie has brought all of these things together at the Barbers Lounge and added a bit of the Barrie Stephen sparkle that make all of his salons so special.

An Experienced Barbers in the Heart of Leicester

As well as the friendly and professional atmosphere that makes the Barrie Stephen experience so memorable, the range of beers and soft drinks on tap will make the Barbers Lounge at King Street, Leicester City Centre, a place you’ll want to visit again and again.


Barber Experience
Deluxe Barber Experience (inc cleanse)
Senior Barber Experience
Deluxe Barber Experience (inc cleanse)
Master Barber Experience
Deluxe Barber Experience (inc cleanse)
VIP Barbers Experience Membership
Back & Sides
Clipper one Lenght
Restyle Scissor Cut with Barber, Senior or Master
£25, £28, £30
Deluxe Wet Shave 30 min incl Massage, Hot Towel & Second Shave
Beard Trim 15 min incl Clipper Shave, Massage Oil, Hot Towel, Tidy Beard Line & Cold Towel
VIP Beard Membership
Moustache Trim
Father & Son 11 and under
Young Guys 11 and under
Style Bar (incl cleanse)
Barber Lounge at Barrie Stephen

Homecare available at The Barbers Lounge