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How often can I dye my hair?

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It’s the eternal question of any colour-adventurous person. The on-going battle between wanting that beautiful colour, and the worry of damaged hair. So naturally, it makes sense to discuss the frequency of hair-dyeing, and just how much is ‘enough’!

While there are lots of different colouring options available to you, the most important thing to consider is whether or not you are looking to lighten the hair or not.

Going darker essentially means adding colour – so the restrictions aren’t so heavy. However, when it comes to lightening the hair, Redken’s Sean Godard says“When going lighter, you should wait four to six weeks in between colour services to maintain it and avoid too much regrowth, which can leave banding in the hair”

But don’t fret, those of you longing for lighter locks, Godard also says that going one level lighter or darker could be possible once a week (depending on the service!). The right colour from the professionals can add lots of shine and life to your hair.

We’ll take care of your hair during lightening, using the best breakage-preventing products available. Just be sure to take care of your hair post-treatment, too, with  our Fibreplex shampoos and conditioners made to preserve the beautiful colour.

So, always discuss with your colour technician your options, and have a consultation so they understand your wants and can recommend the best option for you.


At Barrie Stephen, we offer a colour consultation as standard backed by our Colour Responsibly Policy, so we know you’ll walk out the salon feeling a million dollars.

We have the most up to date colour options available for our clients safety and convenience including PPD and ammonia free hair colour and scalp protection products.

Now, just to pick the perfect colour and get going!